3rd October 2023

Procrastination and laziness are common foes in the battle for productivity. We’ve all been there putting off tasks, feeling sluggish, and struggling to muster the motivation needed to get things done. But what lies beneath these seemingly unproductive behaviors? Is there a psychological explanation for our tendency to delay action and embrace idleness? Along with...

7th August 2023

Emotional Abuse in Intimate Relationships   Emotional Abuse is the absolute worst. Why? You don’t have scars to show and prove as you can with physical abuse. It is not your body that is hurt so you can heal but your core spirit that is drowned into orchestrated self-doubt and fear by your partner; The...

2nd June 2021

Preventing misbehavior is obviously preferable to dealing with it after it has occurred. Most experts contend that the best way to prevent classroom misbehavior is to provide a stimulating curriculum that involves students so successfully that they spend little time thinking of misbehaving.

2nd June 2021

Studying at every available opportunity can lead to information overload. We suggest that you set yourself a program and stick to it as much as possible. Studying for 20 minutes at a time, followed by a 'reflection period' on what you have learned and then a 10 minute break - is ideal for optimum learning

2nd June 2021

Antisocial behavior are rebellious acts that are distinguished by noticeable and unnoticeable hostility and aggression for others. This behavior can be noticeable like hitting, bullying, abusing or unnoticeable behavior like cheating, overlooking others etc