2nd June 2021

Studying at every available opportunity can lead to information overload. We suggest that you set yourself a program and stick to it as much as possible. Studying for 20 minutes at a time, followed by a 'reflection period' on what you have learned and then a 10 minute break - is ideal for optimum learning

15th August 2020
Working Woman

Several people often complain that office seems torturous and they simply do not feel like going there. Often this is a manifestation of very low motivation. There can be multiple reasons for low motivation. While some cases are extreme and may require the person to change jobs or domains,

15th August 2020
affection baby

Indian law grants women working in the organized sector paid maternity leave of 26 weeks. This limit was earlier 12 weeks, it was increased to 26 in 2017. The Act is applicable to all establishments which are factories, mines, plantations,