Truhap is an organisation that focuses on holistic wellness with its main focus on mental health. Our core mission is to provide unbiased well – being support for children, adolescents, adults and geriatric population. Our organization has categorized it’s services under 3 different centers.
Holistic Wellness with accessibility and affordability
Breaking the vicious cycle of stigma by creating awareness and Uplifting wellness to provide the best holistic services. We also aim to make health & wellness services more accessible.
We Commit to provide you with the best services on your healing journey with Accountability to strive for the highest standards. We ensure Integrity and Promote authentic health & wellness information.

Priyanka Naveen

Priyanka has realised the importance of mental health when she became a mother of her first child, it was then she understood the importance of postpartum depression and remedies.
This gave birth to another baby called Truhap, the sole aim of which is to bring back TRUe HAPpiness. She strongly believes, that every individual must prioritize mental health as much as their physical health or even more.
Priyanka has also opted to pursue masters in clinical psychology which gave her a better prospective of various mental health issues.Also did internships with renowned psychologist in Hyderabad including at Asha Hospitals.
She takes up consultations and corporate speech sessions on various topics such as parenting, relationship issues, stress management, performance improvement and work life balance.
She is an avid reader, writer and an impactful public speaker.
Lakshmi Life Coach

PR & COACHKanaka Lakshmi

Lakshmi is a life coach who been trained in NLP and other life coaching techniques. She is a great asset for the organization's planning, coordination and brand image execution as well as for accelerating growth. Her life transformation workshops help even our corporate clients in terms of setting objectives and transferring attention to personal growth.

Center ManagerSuvarna

Suvarna comes with a mathematical background, where she uses her critical thinking to examine expenditures and manage the center. She is a family-oriented individual who shares the same warmth with the employees at the center.

Content Lead and PsychologistSurya Raveendran

Surya is a wellness advocate who believes in holistic healing, which includes the body, mind, and soul. She aspires to empower and provide space for individuals to heal and be their authentic self. Her therapeutic approach is eclectic and inclusive to all humankind.

Social Media Marketing LeadPradyun Kumar

Pradyun has expertise in digital marketing and holds the business mindset to understand and appreciate the uniqueness to implement and follow a strategy. He employs digital means and platforms to market all services and assist in reaching their target audience.

Marketing and Operations LeadSathish Goud

Sathish is a people person who appreciates the difficulties of interacting with different sorts of personalities to attract attention to business requirements. He spends his time meaningfully empowering people and serving street animals.

Our Team
Working together for you

Our Experts are at your service for different mental health concerns and enhancing your well-being. We would like to be a part of your healing journey and support you the best for betterment.
Maya Chandrashekaran

Rehabilitation Psychologist (RCI Registered)
Maya holds over 4yrs of experience in handling neuro-divergent children who have trouble with cognition, emotional, behavioral, and social concerns. She provides expert advice and conducts psychological tests and assessments on people of all ages, including kids, teens, and adults, to help with diagnosis. Addon to the same, support to parents was provided through counseling. She also shared her expertise by creating tailormade kits for corporates, adolescents & adults. The key focus includes Psychological Assessments & Behavioral Therapy.

Behavior Therapist
Anusha is a psychologist who supports as a behavior therapist and contributes her expertise with kids. She has received praise for the warmth with which she welcomes those who approach her. Also, she provides therapy to the adult and adolescent population to assist them deal with psychological issues.
Surya Raveendran

Counselling Psychologist
Surya is a wellness advocate who believes in holistic healing, which includes the body, mind, and soul. She aspires to empower and provide space for individuals to heal and be their authentic self. She works with adolescents and adult groups. Her therapeutic approach is eclectic (CBT, REBT, Trauma-informed, SE, SFT, Relational) and inclusive to all humankind.
Manjula Chinthapalli

Special Educator (RCI Registered)
Manjula has over 23 years of experience working with students ranging from primary to secondary school. Her method is distinguished by her ability to occupy an empathic space for both parents and children while addressing their needs. This distinguishes her, and clients consistently return to her service. She has also received the "Best Teacher Award" and the "Best Services in Inclusive Education."
K. Swapna Reddy

Speech-Language Pathologist & Audiologist
Swapna's thoughtful and empathic approach to her surroundings adds a lot of happiness to the core. She has 7 years of expertise in the sector and has worked with infants, children, and adults. She receives fulfillment in the clients' success stories.
Dr Mohammed Ali Tanveer

Tanveer is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist who distinguishes himself by his ethical standards, communication, care, competence, and collaborative work. Tanveer strives to upgrade his area of specialization and applies what he has mastered. His areas of specialization are pediatrics, musculoskeletal, and neurological departments.
Dr. Swarnamanjari Kollipara

Occupational Therapist (AIOTA Registered)
Dr. Swarnamanjari works with clients in a systematic and targeted manner. She has 23 years of expertise in the sector and never compromises on the efficacy and efficiency of the outcome. Her primary areas of interest are pediatric and geriatric populations.
Dr. Ajit Mogalgiddi

Psychiatrist (MBBS-MD)
Dr. Ajit is an empathic and approachable individual who helps the client in front of him feel at ease expressing their concerns. He maintains a nonjudgmental approach. Adult psychiatry and de-addictions are his areas of expertise.

Rehabilitation Psychologist (RCI Registered)
Lingam established himself in the field for the last 10yrs as a Rehabilitation Psychologist. His areas of expertise include mental health assessments, diagnosis, and providing psychotherapy space for children and adults who have mental health concerns or disorders. His therapeutic approach includes CBT, DBT, REBT, ACT, MET, Family, and marital therapy.
Dr. Adi Prathyusha

Psychiatrist (MBBS-DPM)
Dr. Prathyusha has eight years of expertise working with people of all ages, including children, adolescents, and adults. She also supports parental counseling along with behavioral modifications. she uses both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy as a treatment approach. Dr. also has an influence through conducting awareness campaigns, participating in chat shows with the media, and publishing several research publications.

Online Team

Councelling Psychologist

Counselling PsychologistAniket Deshpande

Aniket is an ethically sound, culturally aware, trauma-informed, passionate Counselling Psychologist. His approach to therapy is integrative and includes REBT, CBT, SFBT, self-compassion, mindfulness & Trauma Informed Care.
He shared his expertise around children and adolescents, adults, parenting, family and relationship concerns, pre-marriage counselling, marriage counselling, trauma and grief, anxiety, depression, daily life distress, and adjustment issues.

What do we do

TruHap is not only about providing service for those with Mental Health issues but also to support those who work in this field. We believe in providing the best of our ability to those who need our service and we don't compete with any. WE ARE ABOVE NONE!
For people wishing to learn more about the topic of mental health and offer better services, we offer internship and mentoring opportunities.
The goal of this is to raise awareness among the general public and professionals in the field about the need of prioritizing one's own mental health and well-being foremost.
The platform shares the safest space to be heard and understood based on the community's requirements.
We provide the best information from experts in the field through our articles. Our blog is not only authentic but also rich in content with real-life scenarios.
We are available for both online and in-person consulation
We provide both internship and Mentorship to those who are looking to learn better and provide better service in the field of mental health
We provide online learning through our courses and workshops. Learning is a never-ending process so are our workshops neverending!
We provide the best of information from the experts in the field through our articles. Our blog is not only authentic but also rich in content

Let’s bridge the gap
toward well-being

We are committed to providing the finest service possible while utilizing our exceptional expertise.

Everyone deserves a healthy life!

My mission has been to make quality life coaching affordable and available to anyone who strives to live their ideal life.

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