18th August 2020

Have you ever wondered why have you reacted the way you did to a particular situation? You could have reacted in a better way but you could not? All your emotions where taking you in control? I know, you could not help!! That’s all because of a small part in the brain called Amygdala. Now what is this? Read on to find out.

18th August 2020

Weight gain in PCOS is mainly in and around your waist area (it is called as central obesity) and is the toughest weight to loose, it is also called as visceral fat because it mainly accumulates around our organs like liver, heart and reproductive organ making it difficult to conceive hence it is very important to know the right kind of workout and also to find what works for you.

18th August 2020

For many people exercise is the way to lose those extra pounds. But exercise is not just about losing weight. Regular exercise can help cut your risk of more than 20 illnesses, including cancer and heart disease, in addition to providing you with a host of other benefits. Here’s what exercise can do to keep your body healthy and alive.

18th August 2020

It is important to note that the difficulty is with motivation and not intellect or ability. Possible deficits in academic or working capacity come about as a result of inattention as secondary outcomes but can be managed and worked around.

16th August 2020

Life always has its stressful moments. Being overly stressed can however create unwanted problems in all areas of life. Take control of stress before it takes control of you by making these positive changes in your life.