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Preventing misbehavior is obviously preferable to dealing with it after it has occurred. Most experts contend that the best way to prevent classroom misbehavior is to provide a stimulating curriculum that involves students so successfully that they spend little time thinking of misbehaving.

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Neurodevelopmental Disorders are disorders that occur due to an interaction between genetics and the environment. Note: This means you are not responsible for the child’s ADHD, Autism, Manic Depressive illness and many more. No matter what others say you are not a bad parent. Most of these disorders are present in our genes.


Studying at every available opportunity can lead to information overload. We suggest that you set yourself a program and stick to it as much as possible. Studying for 20 minutes at a time, followed by a 'reflection period' on what you have learned and then a 10 minute break - is ideal for optimum learning


Antisocial behavior are rebellious acts that are distinguished by noticeable and unnoticeable hostility and aggression for others. This behavior can be noticeable like hitting, bullying, abusing or unnoticeable behavior like cheating, overlooking others etc

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Have you ever wondered why have you reacted the way you did to a particular situation? You could have reacted in a better way but you could not? All your emotions where taking you in control? I know, you could not help!! That’s all because of a small part in the brain called Amygdala. Now what is this? Read on to find out.