Truhap is an organisation that focuses on holistic wellness with its main focus on mental health. Our core mission is to provide unbiased well – being support for children, adolescents, adults and geriatric population. Our organization has categorized it’s services under 3 different centers.
Child Development Center
Its focuses on identifying, diagnosing and therapeutic management for the neurodevelopment disorders and other childhood disorders
Positive Psychology Center
Its focuses on identifying, diagnosing and therapeutic management relating to mental health issues in adolescents and adults
Human Excellence Center
Its focuses on various opportunities in relation to conducting workshops, webinars, training sessions for different areas such as such as schools & colleges, corporate sectors, hospitals and allied health care sectors.

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Our Counseling Process


General conversation

A general discussion to aid in determining if professional assistance is necessary or not. This will be a safer space to talk and express and we make sure you are heard understood and supported.



Psychological Assessment

This is to understand the current psychological needs and align with the therapy (1/more) services required for the condition.  Post-assessment we will share the draft of the report within the day.



Report Discussion

The report discussion will take place the same day to create awareness of the need for therapy and the psychological help required by the individual.



Counseling/Therapy/Psychiatric help

Based on the assessment and evaluation the individual will be aligned for respective services. If psychiatric intervention or medications are required to support the therapy/counseling the same will be provided.



Assessing the progress

Assessments will be used to monitor the therapy’s effectiveness and progress over a three-month period, and a report discussion will be scheduled to examine the results and modify the goals as necessary.


Everyone deserves a
healthy life!

Our mission is to provide best for our clients. We are ready to promote each and every psychologist and organisation to give clients the best care in mental health

Everyone deserves a healthy life!

My mission has been to make quality life coaching affordable and available to anyone who strives to live their ideal life.