Human Excellence Center

Human Excellence Center is a service platform dedicated to organizational well-being. This includes corporates, hospitals, and schools/colleges. Our aim is to create awareness about the unattended mental health concerns affecting an individual's happiness and productivity.

We ensure an inclusive and interactive space for individuals to learn about mental health care, and help them cope with wellness concerns they might be experiencing. Everything we do is backed by the same values our platform is built on, and created by experienced facilitators.


Corporate Well-being & EAP Services

Our EAP services provide opportunities to strengthen organizational well-being and in our services, we never compromise on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We conduct individual counseling, crisis management, webinars, and training programs for employees and management to ensure wellness.

Corporate Workshops
Well Being Policy Consultations
Mentalhealth Campaign Oversight
Online Therapy

School & College Wellness Programs

To create awareness and prioritize wellness among the institutes, Human Excellence Center organizes school workshops with the option of free and paid modes. The workshop has been generated for Teachers, Parents, and Students. All the topics have been developed after careful consideration of the research and interactions with the intended audiences.

Awareness Campaigns
Training Programs
Counseling Support

Hospital Programs

Instilling psychological safety at the individual, team, and organizational levels is the main goal of our healthcare programs. Burnout and high turnover among hospital healthcare workers occur often and are noticed as a crisis. We helped at the ground level to bring in psychological well-being.

Awareness Campaigns
Training Programs
Counseling Support
School & College Wellness Programs
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Negative impacts of Helicopter parenting
  • Promote Holistic development in the child
  • Managing Gadgets usage
  • Stress Management using Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique
  • Effects of Bullying in Children
  • Classroom Management strategies
  • Incorporating learning styles
  • Fostering Social-emotional Learning
  • Special education strategies
Individual Counseling Support
  • Personal Issues
  • Family and Marriage concerns¬†
  • Stress Management
  • Major life events (Death, Accidents, or pre/postnatal support)
  • Grief/Anxiety/Depression, or other psychological and emotional concerns
Corporate Workshops
  • Building Mental well-being
  • Prioritising self-care
  • Manage and sensitization on emotional well-being
  • Mindful leadership & employee engagement
  • Worklife balance