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Psychological Counselling

The concerns addressed by counselling are addressed from cultural, developmental and social perspectives. Each client is unique and comes with their own belief system. Our aim is to cater to individual needs and provide the best intervention possible. We engage in individual as well as group counselling. Our services include, but are not limited to:
School and career/work adjustment concerns.
The development of one’s identity
Making decisions about career and work, and dealing with school‐work‐retirement transitions.
Relationship difficulties‐including marital and family difficulties.
Learning and skill deficits.
Stress management and coping with negative life events
Organizational problems
Dealing with and adjusting to physical disabilities, disease or injury
Personal/social adjustment
Persistent difficulties with relating to other people in general
Psychological disorders

Psychoeducational assessments:

A Psychoeducational assessment aid in understanding a child’s intellectual and academic abilities. These assessments are standardized and conducted by RCI registered practitioners. It helps parents, special educators, schools etc in understanding a child’s overall aptitude for majorly reading, writing and math. These assessments provide direction to intervention. It is also required by educational boards like CBSE, ICSE for exemptions.
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Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments or psychological testing refers to performing a psychological battery by a registered clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist. It is carried out to arrive at a hypothesis regarding the client’s mental health concerns. The test can be done to arrive at a diagnosis like depression, anxiety, neurodevelopmental disorders.

Special Education

Special education programs are designed to meet the academic and social needs of children with developmental delays such as children diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders. Special education aims to provide an environment that allows children to be educated effectively, meet their unique learning needs so that they can develop to their fullest potential
Rehabilitation for disable people concept.

Occupational Therapy: (OT)

Occupational therapy practitioners aid children and adults to cope better with any injury, illness or disability. They help in regaining skills due to an injury or support people with disabilities to participate efficiently in different social contexts like school, workplace or at home. OT might cater to fine and gross motor difficulties, sensory needs of individuals etc.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy is the treatment of speech and communication disorders. Children might need speech therapy for speech disorders that might develop in childhood. Adults might require speech therapy post an injury or illness like stroke or brain injury. Speech and language concerns might include issues with articulation, fluency of speech like speed or rhythm, receptive and expressive language delays etc.

Professional Learning Community

We at TruHap believe in learning together. We are on a journey to create an effective and efficient professional learning community. We strive towards mental health awareness and sharing our best practices through the following initiatives:
Short-Term Courses

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