Why Women Should Start Prioritising their Health?


Image Courtesy By: Yashu Kushalappa

2017 is going to be an awesome year healthwise not only for women but 'health for all'. The reason I am saying this is because there has never been a time when health-related awareness had been given so much importance previously, never been a time when it was talked about so much, never had so many platforms to encourage a healthy lifestyle among people and as a health care provider myself, I feel immensely proud to be serving at this point of time when patient are so self-aware as to ask questions about how to choose healthy lifestyle, how to modify their course of disease and how they can be the part of the process. Because what can be better right?

We can reduce so much health burden just by being self-aware! Today I am writing this article because I want women to be an active participant of this revolution as well. The general mindset and I speak for women everywhere in the world when I say this not only Indian population is 'taking care of everyone around you first before putting yourself as a priority' and while there is nothing wrong with that mindset, the focus should be towards making yourself a PRIORITY so you can be better available for those who need you. This shift of attitude is mandatory, in this era, when women are not only providing for families but are an active contributor to social, economic and other aspects of our lives.

There was never a better time to seek knowledge, to be aware and to find information about almost everything related to health and wellness. Truhap itself is one of the exceptional platforms for women I believe. Here are few things to help you start with 'that shift of mindset':-

  • Think health as happiness - Most of our real life problems start with health, either ours or someone in the family/friends. The key to happiness is feeling well from within. In life when everything is unpredictable, there is at least one thing you can feel in the control of when you work towards your health.              


  • Before helping others, help yourself first -  To be able to provide emotionally, psychologically and wholeheartedly for those you love and care, you need to feel healthy and at peace with yourself first, so you don't end up being a burden instead because that's gonna feel even worse. Better late than never right? You need to keep these things in mind or better be at least mentally prepared in case of any unforeseen circumstances.


  • You are important -  This may seem like such a cliche but it's true, women, you are the heart and soul of your family, workplace and the little world you are part of, so understand you are important and start your 'health is happiness' life right now.


  • Independence - I remember when I was myself at my heaviest and my friends came up with a trek plan. I was shattered and devasted to say NO even though I wanted to explore but I didn't want everyone to see my struggling to catch a breath. Being at your optimum health brings a lot of independence in your life. Independence to wear anything, to do anything, to be anywhere and not constantly be self-conscious of your choices.


  • Keeping diseases at bay - Do you know the most deaths occur because of chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, obesity? Choosing a good lifestyle doesn't necessarily starts when you are diagnosed with a chronic disease, why not start early and not be sorry later? Keeping diseases at bay is a pretty basic reason to prioritise your health and now.

It is no surprise that women are more susceptible to develop these conditions because your body goes through various changes throughout the lifetime. Menopause is when you hit rock bottom and are at highest risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis etc and the changes that happen are irreversible because it all starts way early then you realise so start soon, start now, no matter where you are in your journey - IT IS STILL NOT TOO LATE!