Why Women Should Lift Weights?


Will lifting weights make you look huge? Weight training or resistance training doesn’t make you look bulky. That’s true ladies! Lifting those dumbbells won't make you bulky. I know a lot of women who stay away from weight training because of the fear that weight training will make them big & bulky.

I have come across common statements like:

  • I don’t want to lift weights because if I leave it, my weight will increase.

  • I don’t like a masculine look.

This is one of the biggest myths floating around. If your aim is to go beyond just losing weight and include things like “looking awesome” and “being strong”, then I am going to ask you to start weight training today.

Lifting weights won't make you huge or bulky

Firstly, women do not have the kind of testosterone levels (hormone significantly high among males) that are needed to bulk up like the way men do. So stop worrying and start lifting weights. Women cannot put on muscle mass as easily as men. You may however find yourself with a better butt, toned abs, strength, confidence and a positive outlook.

You will burn a lot more fat

Weight training is the only way to burn fat as it improves your BMR. When you lift weights your muscles are broken down, and then reconstructed over the next 24-48 hours. While your body is reforming those muscles, it uses more calories and energy than usual. This means that while resting (sitting on the couch, relaxing) too you are burning more calories. You can lose more weight by adding weight training to your cardio workout.

You will get a strong and attractive body

Strong is the new sexy. Be smart, add weight training to your workout and get a strong and toned body. You can work on your problem areas by doing targeted exercises along with total body exercise. The shape of your body cannot be altered with cardio exercises alone. Add a few bodyweight exercises like push ups, squats with resistance tubes, planks etc to your workout.

You will feel awesome and energised

Besides helping you get into great shape, lifting weights can also boost your endorphins (the feel good hormones), lower your blood sugar, relieve stress, help balance your hormones, and increase your bone density.

Older women should also lift weights

Without weight training, the body starts de-mineralizing the calcium-magnesium deposition from your bones making them weak. With weight training, the body retains the calcium and magnesium deposited in the bones. This protects the joints and enables them to tolerate the load of day-to-day activities. Weight training also supports posture and keeps the body upright, thus making you look and feel younger.