Sex After Childbirth


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Returning to a normal sex life after having your baby can seem quite difficult. Lack of sleep along with exhaustion, low libido, changing hormones and the recent memory of childbirth may put you off sex. Take it slow and follow these tips to rekindle your sex life.

Wait for six weeks

A rest of atleast four weeks is required after delivery before you resume sexual activity. Having sex before that can increase your risk for a hemorrhage or uterine infection. It is necessary to wait for six weeks if you tore during delivery and have stitches. Once your healthcare provider gives you the green signal, take things slowly. Prepare yourself mentally before you enter the bedroom.


Communication is important for a good sexual relationship, especially for sex after delivery. If you feel that you need more time to resume intimacy, do not hesitate to share your feelings with your partner. The fatigue and lack of sleep following the first few months of delivery can be difficult for both you and your partner. When both the partners share equal concerns, it is easier to understand the other better.

Be confident

Your body has undergone a lot of changes in the past nine months to give birth to a new life. As a result, your body will certainly not look like its older self. This might be depressing for you, but remember that this is part of the change. Being confident about your body will help you to get intimate with your partner. Look after yourself and gradually lose your baby pounds in a healthy way.

Start small

Love making doesn’t necessarily need to end in intercourse. Don’t feel guilty if you are not yet ready for it. Start small by kissing, caressing and cuddling each other when you have time. A passionate kiss or touch may even suddenly increase your desire and you may end up having intercourse after all.

Use a lubricant

The changing hormone levels in your body may leave you drier down there. Low libido which is common after childbirth can also lead to vaginal dryness which can make sex painful. Use a water based lubricant to make sex easier after delivery.