Protect Your Pelvis


Image Courtesy By: pixabay

As more jobs turn white collar, a lot of sitting is involved. And sitting, according to me, is like the global warming of all health related problems. With more women coming to me with PCOS syndromes and IVF management and harsh childbirth procedures, I’ve noticed that we have restricted our reproductive system’s role to just producing babies. We have forgotten that women needs her reproductive organs to function at the best and she needs those hormones to be produced to manage each phase of her life. Any hindrance to the normal phase of women's body can disrupt the whole biorhythm.

Many of us are not aware of the importance of the pelvic floor tone in our lives. Very suspicious back pains, tailbone pains, knee pains, breast pains and neck pains can all be related to a woman’s pelvic floor.

Birthing is a natural instinct but just not the only reason we have our pelvic floor for. Our core strength, our stamina, our endurance all can get compromised if that pelvic floor doesn't function properly. Conditions from constipation to urine incontinence to pcod to Ibs to hernia can all depend on pelvic floor. It's important to consult a pelvic floor physiotherapist to examine and assess the pelvic floor tone so that one can work on getting adequate help to set things in shape.

I run the “Heal your pelvis’ program for birthing and postnatal mums. It's very important to just not pop a pill for any pains postnatally. It's judicious to get help from a physiotherapist specializing in pelvic floor.

Our body talks to us and always tells the truth. Don’t ignore its messages!