Must have tools for makeup


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Even if you buy the most expensive cosmetics, you still need the right tools to have picture-perfect make-up. Here Makeup Artist Sohni Juneja puts together a list of must-have make-up tools that every woman should own to blend and highlight your face to perfection.​

  • Multitasking brush: If you are not into makeup and find maintaining brushes a pain, this one is really something you should invest in. The small brush has a flat rounded tip that could be used to apply concealers, lip fillers and even eyeliners and the big one could be used for foundation blending, applying  loose powder and blusher, etc.

  • Wedges/sponges/beauty blenders: Do not apply liquid foundation with your hands. Use a smooth sponge with small pores instead, as sponges with large pores soak up a lot of foundation.

  • Cotton swabs: Also called Q-tips, this multiuse beauty tool helps to clean mascara and liner mistakes and also helps in the application of eye shadows, kajal, concealer and other cosmetics. It is a perfect tool to include in your travel bag.

  • Eyelash curler: This tool can do wonders and really help open your eyes. Even on your ‘no makeup’ days, you could just use the curler and it would really improvise the look of your eyes without making it look made up at all.

  • Eye shadow applicators: If you aren’t really brush savvy, you could stick with the sponge tip eye shadow applicators as they are much more convenient to use.

  • Your fingers: This is the most inexpensive tool and something you already have. But remember to keep your hands clean and dry when you use them to apply makeup. The ring finger is great for applying shadows, glosses, concealers and just about anything.

  • Mascara wands: Even if your mascara wands wear out, you can use them to brush out your eyebrows and give them a very sleek look.

  • Blotting paper: These are rather inexpensive and work amazingly to soak excess oil from the skin. If you see oil build up on your skin after makeup, blot that oil away and let your makeup look as fresh as when applied …well almost.