Lose Weight the right way


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I know, I’s not that easy!

We lose our time, money, energy but weight. We start walking, more walking, running, yoga, zumba, gym and many such other ways, but at the end we give up with very less or no loss of weight and perception of our friends and family never change about our appearance. We look all the same or even our jeans gets tighter, then we blame many things around us diet, stress, time management, not pushing more and finally our own self.

Have you ever wondered, why?

I have done all the above and thought why? Why is it so difficult to lose those extra Kgs? Whenever I try to do something, fatigue immediately kicks in and stops me from doing it more, I felt like I have gained more weight, I am at loss of energy and I felt better before than I did any of them. Really, thinking about trying to lose weight is such a pain. But somewhere deep in our heart we have that desire to look slim and get rid of all that fat that is deposited in multiple layers under skin.

Ever since I took a break for few months post wedding, as I had to move along with my hubby to a new place, I developed the habit of book reading to kill my time. Later it just turned into a kind of love towards reading, and I ended up reading many different kinds of book, even while I was working, post kids and still this goes on. My collection of books had only one book on weight loss that didn’t really make me feel better or encouraged me in anyway. So I thought weight loss requires expensive gym membership, super-duper healthy and organic diet etc...

Amazon Kindle is now my library, as I can’t really think of having a book and kids together with me, I know my book will be turned into bits and pieces in no time, thus Kindle. One day my search to read some new book and at discounted price, has ended with “Don’t Lose out, Work out” by Rujuta Diwekar.

Thought, for a change let me read this, as the author was quite a famous celebrity fitness trainer and whose tips we usually get to read as forwards, who stresses on local food and never recommend to quit Rice (very important for a south Indian).

And guess what, this book is simply mind blowing. Walking, running or any cardio will not really help in weight loss. It rather causes injury. This is what I was doing all these years to lose weight….. What is more important before you do anything is “Strength Training”. Yes you heard it right Strength training, which I just learnt from this book. Only and only then, anything you do will help in weight loss, without damaging your body internally or externally

Every myth about exercise, the way to do it, the diet intake has been very beautifully explained by Rujuta Diwekar in her book “Don’t Lose out, Work out”. If you want to lose weight, read this before you actually start exploring ways to lose weight. I bet you will never feel, even a single second wasted while reading this book. Your confidence levels will increase and definitely when you know very well how to do something in a right way, you will not have the fear of not reaching your goal.