Lose Post-Baby Weight The Right Way


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Are you a new mom yearning to look like your old self again? Here are some great tips to shed those baby pounds.

Take time

Your body has undergone tremendous change in the past nine months to prepare for the coming of the baby. Do not expect that your body will go back to its pre-baby form in a week or a month. Give yourself enough time for the change to workout, as taking extreme steps to lose weight can be unhealthy.


Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to lose pregnancy weight. You could burn up to 500 extra calories a day simply by breastfeeding. Therefore, choose to breastfeed your baby as much as possible.


Finding time for exercise can be extremely difficult with your baby. But try to get atleast thirty minutes of exercise three times a week. You could opt for walking, postpartum yoga or aerobics. Do not start any exercise without consulting your healthcare provider.

Have small meals

Never resort to starvation or dieting to lose your postpartum weight. If you try to skip meals, you are most likely to consume extra calories at the next meal time. Besides, you need to keep yourself healthy for your baby. Instead of having three heavy meals, opt for five to six small meals.

Snack healthy

Fruits and vegetables can satisfy your hunger and also help you to cut down on calories. Avoid sugary and fried snacks that can add extra fat to your body. Replace the chips and ice cream in your kitchen cabinet with high fibre and low fat foods.

Cook at home

It can be difficult to lose weight if you are eating meals made in restaurants. Cooking at home will give you the added advantage of making nutritious and low calorie meals. Ask your family or friends to help out, as spending time in the kitchen can be difficult with your newborn. You could also choose to make some extra food on Sundays which could then be freezed for later use.

Increase fibre in your diet

Foods rich in soluble fibre like oatmeal, fresh fruits and vegetables will satisfy your hunger without adding extra calories. Eat wheat bread, whole grain pasta and brown rice to increase your fibre intake.

Eat lean protein

Avoid fatty meats and include leaner options like chicken and fish in your diet. Wild salmon is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acid and can help in weight loss.

Stay hydrated with water

Aim to drink eight glasses of water everyday. Water is healing, flushes out toxins and helps in proper digestion. It also reduces hunger thus aiding in weight loss.

Ask for help

It is easy for you to tire out with a new member in your family who depends entirely on you. This is the time when you need help and do not hesitate to seek support. Ask your husband to watch the baby while you take a much needed walk or nap. You could also seek the help of a nutritional expert to guide you through healthy weight loss.