Look Flawless For Your Summer Wedding


Summer may not be the best time of the year. But a summer wedding can still be wonderful and you can still look beautiful as a summer bride. We here follow the mantra that less is more when it comes to the base makeup. A flawless and natural looking face paired with accentuated eyes and soft lips brings out the best of your beauty. From smokey to well defined and from real brides to ramp makeups, we have a mastery over all realms.

Here are some tips for the summer bride.To begin with, make sure you have an air conditioned venue. Follow these simple guidelines to look your best.


  • Always do your hair before your makeup. The heat of the blow dryer may melt your makeup and wipe out all your hard work. 

  • The summer months make you sweat profusely. So choose a clever hairdo. Comb your hair off your face and tie it into an elegant chignon or a high bun.


  • Use a hydrating but non greasy moisturiser for a summer wedding. If you have extremely oily skin consider skipping the moisturizer altogether. 

  • Primers help the makeup to stay on longer by creating a protective layer between the makeup and the skin. 

  • Sweat proof concealers, designed specially for the warm months, stops your makeup from melting away. Besides they also provide cover from pimples, dark spots and dark circles.


  • Apply concealer on the entire upper eyelid and thereafter dust on some loose powder. This will help your eyeshadow adhere better to your skin and make it long lasting.

  • Stay away from cream based eyeshadows in the summer. Opt for powder based colors to reduce oiliness.

  • Gel liners or liquid liners work best during the heat and humidity of summer. They are bright, easy to apply and last for a long time.

  • You may not be the crying type but do opt for waterproof mascara.


  • Your blush will be the first thing to wear off with the heat. Make use of a creamy blush first and dust some powder blush on top of it. 

  • For the blush to stay longer, apply cheek stain followed by powder blush.


  • To get your lipstick to stay on for longer apply a concealer base lightly on the lips. Then use your lip pencil to colour your entire lip and apply the lipstick of your choice.

  • Place a tissue on your lips and pat some powder on top of it. Remove the tissue and apply another coat of color.

Complete your makeup with a makeup fixing spray and you are good to go.