Longevity of the base during summer


Whether it's the heat of the moment or it's hotter than Hades outside, no girl wants to layer foundation over her skin for fear that it'll slide down her face when temperatures rises. Here are the steps to take to keep your foundation from creasing and fading during the hottest months of the year.

  • Prime your face: Take a few extra seconds and use a primer on your face to perfect the base. This will not only help in an even application of the following products, but also help them to stay on for way longer, especially during the sweaty summer months.

  • Use long wear foundations: The heat in the summer months can spoil your makeup. Whether you are inside or outside, be sure to wear a foundation that does not melt down your face. Wear formulas designed to stick to your skin.

  • Lightweight makeup: Summer time is the time to switch to sheer foundations and tinted moisturizers just as you shift to breezy and light weight clothes. These formulas look less cakey and are also less likely to bleed. (Too Faced Beauty Balm)

  • Curb the shine: Know the difference between shine and glow. Eradicate the shine from your T-zone using blotting paper. This not only takes off the excess oil from your skin but also from the foundation preventing it from oxidizing at the same time. These are easy to carry and can also be used post makeup without spoiling it. (Amway Blotting Sheets)

  • Waterproof your makeup: Add a drop of contact lens solution or eye drops in your mascara, foundation, eye shadows, lipstick, etc. This will make the makeup products waterproof and also increase their longitivity. (Renu Lens Solution)

  • Powder is a friend: Always make sure to set your base with a powder. It could be lightweight, translucent or pressed powder. This will help mattify your face and remove any shine. (Studio Fix Powder Mac)

  • Makeup setting spray: These are weightless and helps the makeup to last  longer with temperature control technology. Spray a little of it on your face once the makeup is complete, and you are ready to look fresh the whole day. (Urban Decay –All Nighter)