Lit Up Your Face With Beautiful Eyes


Your eyes have the power to transform your personality. Beautiful eyes can make you look spectacular while tired eyes can make you look dull. A little care goes a long way in taking care of your eyes. These home remedies will help you in achieving your goal.

Aloe vera

The soft skin around your eyes needs special care to keep the eyes fresh and beautiful. The moisturizing elements in Aloe vera gel come in handy here. Aloe vera with its lightening properties also helps to fend off dark circles.

Mint leaves

The stress and strain of daily life can take the lustre out of your eyes making them look tired and dull. Give that much needed relief to your eyes with mint. Crush a few mint leaves and apply to feel instantly refreshed.

Indian Gooseberry powder

Keep eye infections and irritations at bay with gooseberry. Use powdered Indian gooseberry to wash your eyes.

Fennel seed water

Fennel seed is an excellent spice good for health as well as the eyes. Boil some fennel seeds in water. Allow it to cool and then strain. Wash your eyes with this water.

Petroleum jelly

Beautiful eyelashes add to the beauty of the eyes. To make your eyelashes strong, apply petroleum jelly on your upper eyelash-line and the skin surrounding it.


Using ghee or refined butter is another easy way to keep your eyes attractive. Massage ghee around your eyes and get rid of the fine lines surrounding them.

Green tea bags

Green tea bags are usually thrown away after use. Next time though, place them on your eyes to get some instant relief.

Chamomile tea bags

Used chamomile tea bags can also be utilized in a similar way for getting rid of dry eyes.


Last and not the least, an adequate amount of sleep is essential to keep your eyes fresh and lively.