How to conceive a girl naturally


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Sex positions for you to conceive a baby girl


Are you desperately looking to add a baby girl to your family, and are you wondering if you can influence the sex of your child at the time of conception? You’re no longer consuming meat, you’ve started to have sex more often and you’re also taking long baths together, but it is important to make some changes in the act itself. Some sex positions, it is believed, can help conceive a baby girl. Though this belief doesn’t have much scientific backing, there is no harm in trying.

A leading scientist in the field of pregnancy states that in different positions during sex, the advantage lay with the sperm of an either gender. He further adds that male sperm is weaker but faster than their female counterparts. They can swim fast but do not survive for too long. Thus, when sex involves deeper penetration by your partner, then the male sperm can travel to the egg pretty quickly and the chances of conceiving a boy are higher.

On the other hand, female sperm, while slower than the male, can travel longer to seek out the egg because they have more stamina. Precisely why shallow penetration which allows for ejaculation at a greater distance from the cervix gives the female sperm an improved chance of reaching the egg. The male sperm will travel fast but because they’re weak, won’t be able to make it all the way to the egg.

Here are the best positions keeping in mind the limited penetration required while trying to conceive a girl.


Yes, it’s the oldest and the most commonly used form of mating among us humans but it is also the best if you want a girl. Here, the lady lies down on her back and her partner will lie on her top and enter her. Now, keep your legs stable and don’t try to wrap them around your partner’s waist because that can result in deeper penetration and that might defeat the whole purpose.  


Spooning is an intimate position, where you lie on your side and your partner enters you from behind. It’s called ‘spooning’ because you and your partner cuddled up next to each other, resemble spoons in a drawer. The position of your legs in this position helps limit the penetration.

Lady on top

This position can work in conceiving babies of both genders. It depends on how you take charge. If you let deeper penetration happen, then you know the result. So, try to avoid that and keep minimum penetration here. Here, your partner lies down on his back and you get on top of him and straddle him. Be slow while you get onto him and take him inside you and remember to keep the penetration as shallow as possible. This position can also be tried with your partner sitting instead of lying.

Avoid An Orgasm For A Girl

We know it is already quite difficult to get the elusive orgasm. And according to popular myths, a woman experiencing an orgasm is bad if you desire a baby girl. That’s because, during orgasm, your vagina turns more alkaline which is ideal for the survival of the male sperm. So, by avoiding an orgasm, and maintaining an acidic environment, you increase your chances of making the female sperm survive and reaching the egg first.

Besides these tips, there are some others you can try too. Make sure you’re having a lot of sex, also try to time it better- have sex about two-three days before you start ovulating. Avoid acidic foods and cut back on salt. While none of these tips have any kind of scientific evidence, one can definitely try to see if they work. Good luck!