How To Learn A Sport After 45


Do you think that you are too old to learn a new sport? Learning a sport is never too late as age is not an impediment if you have the confidence.

Face your fears

The most difficult part in learning a sport at midlife is taking the decision. It is easy to make excuses and back off. You may be afraid that you might fall and injure yourself. But remember that this can happen at any age. The key to learning a new sport when you are older is to take your time, have fun and gradually learn the sport. Stop putting pressure on yourself to play well, and just enjoy your time.

Try these sports

Always choose a sport or activity that you like. It should be gentle on your body yet give you a good workout. It is best to keep away from sports involving jumping, twisting or pounding as these can give your joints a hard time. High contact sports like football, basketball and baseball should also be avoided. Do not forget to wear sports related protective gear like helmets and padded guards for your wrists, knees and elbows if needed. Try these sports and activities that are ideal for people after 45:

  • Swimming

  • Deep-water running

  • Cross-country skiing

  • Cycling

  • Rowing

  • Karate

  • Trekking

  • Yoga

  • Golf

  • Badminton

Reap the rewards

Learning a new sport can be a challenging but also rewarding experience. It can add to your mental health by ridding you of dullness and loneliness. It can also make your life interesting, provide you with new friends and help you to be socially active. Besides the mind, your body benefits by getting firmer muscles, losing extra weight, and gaining overall flexibility, strength and endurance.