Get A Hair Spa At Home


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Our hair is exposed to way too much pollution, chemicals and excess sunlight. And what do we do to protect it or reverse the damage that is caused to it? A hair spa is a great treatment for the hair. It is offered at most salons these days but the beauty of it is that it can be done right from the comfort of your own home.

What is a hair spa?

Hair Spa is a process by which you cleanse, repair and deep condition your hair from root to tip. It can be done in five or six steps. It is the perfect solution to dull, dirty and damaged hair.

What are the steps involved?

1. Massage Your Hair With Oil

Start off by massaging your scalp. It is very important to choose an oil that is suitable for your scalp and hair type. If you have a normal scalp and hair, then choose coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil. If it is dry, then combine the same oils with either sesame or castor oil to add more moisture to the shaft. If your scalp and hair is oily, then use light oils like amla.

How to do an oil massage- Hot oil can penetrate the scalp more easily, so make sure to heat the oil a little. Massage onto scalp and the hair for about 10-15 minutes. This activates the nerve endings on the scalp and stimulates blood flow to your scalp thereby promoting healthy hair growth.

2. Steam Your Hair

You can use either a steamer for this or try the traditional hot towel wrap method. Buy a steamer and generate steam in it and steam your hair from root to tip for about ten minutes. In the traditional method, soak a towel in hot water, squeeze out the excess water and wrap it around your hair. Let it stay for about 10-15 minutes. Repeat the process if necessary. Steaming allows for deep penetration of oils into the scalp and the hair shaft.

3. Shampoo Your Hair

Next, shampoo your hair using lukewarm water. Make sure you know what kind of shampoo is best suited to your hair type. Better still, you can use natural cleansers like baking soda, or soap nut or shikakai.

4. Deep Hair Conditioning

We all know that it is important to condition hair once you shampoo it. This will ensure that your hair is shiny and the shaft of the hair is locked in and not open to further damage. You can either invest in a good conditioner or make your own conditioner at home. An effective one is a mixture of avocados, shea butter and apple cider vinegar. Take one ripe avocado, half a cup of shea butter and three spoons of ACV. Put them all in a blender and apply this paste on your hair. Leave it on for thirty minutes and rinse with water.

5. Use A Hair Mask For Your Hair

Once you’re done with conditioning your hair, use a hair mask to further lock in the moisture and nutrients of the conditioner. The best homemade one is a mix of banana and egg. Apply a paste of one banana and one or two eggs and leave it on for 20 minutes and finally rinse with lukewarm water. Finish off by spraying your hair with ice cold water which helps in conditioning your hair shaft further.

Do this once a week and you will begin to see visible differences in your hair.