Foundation-the important canvas for the rest of your makeup!


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Foundation according to skin type

  • Dry: To quench the thirst of your dry skin - hydrate. A cream or a liquid foundation with a moisturizing agent would be just right. This type of skin is best complimented with light to medium coverage foundations. Tinted moisturizers could be an amazing pick too. Personal pick- YSL PERFECT touch.

  • Normal: For those lucky to have normal skin, foundation coverage and type can be your personal preference. Do not shy away from testing options ranging from dewy to matte. Liquid, cream or powder, all work well with your skin type. Personal pick- Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation.

  • Sensitive: With sensitive skin, you certainly need to go with a lightweight foundation, that does not clog your skin pores, allowing it to breathe and providing hydration at the same time. Make sure to clean yor brushes well. Liquid foundations or tinted moisturizers would be ideal for your skin type. Use mineral powder to set your base. Personal pick –Clinique Super balanced makeup.

  • Oily: To reduce the shine you need a powder foundation with a matte effect. The coverage of foundation for your skin type should vary from medium to full. Make sure not to apply the foundation with fingers as you could transfer the oil from your hands onto the face. Use a sponge or the brush instead, and roll with every touch to blend. An all time hero for oily skin is the pressed powder. Personal pick –Marc Jacobs re(marc)able full cover.

  • Combination: Your skin needs something balancing that hydrates and removes excess oil at the same time. Powder or liquid foundations with a water content of minimum 55% would be the best bet. Cleanse and moisturize your skin before going on to the foundation and create the perfect base for your skin type. Personal Pick- Diorskin nude skin glowing makeup.

Application process and tools for types of foundations

  • Mousse: This is applied with a foundation brush, sponge or fingers since it is lightweight. It is considerably easier to blend and works beautifully for dry/aged skin. It is advisable to apply the foundation from the centre of the face towards the outer areas. This will help in blending it into the hairline giving the impression of a balanced skin tone with impeccable results. A beauty blender also works very well in the application of this type of foundation.

  • Powder: This is basically used to set the cream or liquid type of foundation. It could be easily patted or swirled onto the skin with sponge, kabuki or a powder brush. It could also be used on its own or to set the base depending upon the concentration of the pigment. These vary from loose to pressed, both of which require dabbing onto the skin. Most pressed powders nowadays can also be used with a wet sponge, giving you fuller coverage.

  • Cream to Powder Compact Foundation: This is a mix between a liquid foundation and a pressed powder. The texture appears creamy but once blended into the skin the creaminess disappears resulting in a powdery, slightly matte finish. It is best applied with a sponge or foundation brush in an evenly downward movement all over the face.

Foundation application no- no’s

  • Purchasing the wrong shade: The next time you go to purchase a foundation get one for your face and not your hand. Remember that the shade of your hand differs from that of your face by a few tones. Do not buy products after testing them on your hands. Instead select the right shade by testing and blending the product on your face.

  • Using a lighter shade: We Indians have this unnecessary craving for fair skin. However going lighter with your shade of foundation to create an illusion of fair skin can be a big makeup blunder. This ends up making the skin look grey and will give your makeup a cakey look.

  • Applying foundation in upward movement: Applying foundation in an upward movement can make the small hairs on your face stand, making them more prominent.

  • Only applying on the face: Never leave out the ears and the neck as they are adjacent to the face, and the last thing you want is different shades showing across your jaw line. It is therefore important to brush up your neck and ears, to make them all appear one toned and to get a more finished look.

  • Remember, less is more: It is not always necessary to go through all the steps of makeup for creating a base. Sometimes you should follow the principle of less is more. Use a concealer on uneven spots and apply a little powder all over your face and you are good to go. Try to achieve an even skin tone with the least amount of makeup.

  • Same shade for different seasons: With the harsh climatic conditions in the country you need to bear in mind the difference in your complexion during the warmer months. This can require you to use a different shade of foundation according to your skin tone.

  • No use of primer: A primer can actually help you in achieving a more flawless look. It can enable a smoother application of the foundation and also help makeup adhere to the skin for longer.