Change your life through these fitness rituals


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Want to change your life? Here’s how you can- by doing little things that make a big difference.

Don’t you want to get a sneak peek into the lives of super successful people and know what they do every day that makes them so amazing? Don’t you wish you were given a handbook of instructions that you could blindly follow to make your way to success? Fret not! We have put together a compilation of rituals that you can practice every day to become awesome.

  1. Yoga

We’ve read so much about this powerful and age old practice which originated in our country. It’s time we imbibed it into our lives too. Yoga is a stress buster, an immunity booster, and a strength and flexibility builder. Spend a few minutes every day, doing some asanas that can help you relax after a long day at work. A good example would be the downward facing dog or the cat cow pose.

2. Mini Workouts

Every little bit counts! Supermodel Miranda Kerr says she manages to squeeze in some squats during shoots when she has nothing to do but wait. Similarly, try to incorporate a stroll after lunch. Or take a brisk walk the next time you have to go somewhere close by. And the classic- use the stairs whenever you can.

3. Morning Jacks

It’s crucial to kickstart your lymphatic system for the day. The lymphatic system, quite like the garbage guy, collects all toxic and metabolic waste from your body and takes it all the way to the loo. And we learned that jumping jacks are a great way to wake it up and get it going. Plus, they burn calories like how!

4. Standing Desk

The idea has been scorned and even called eccentric by some. But the standing desk is here to stay. As the name suggests, you stand at a ‘standing desk’ instead of sitting at it. Sitting is really harmful to us for the most part. So, choose to stand instead. Yes, prolonged periods of standing isn’t all that good either but you can mix it up. Stand for a while and then sit for 30 minutes or so. You can also stand on one leg, or squat just to keep those muscles engaged.

5. Practice gratitude

Want to reduce stress? Want to become mentally strong? Want to feel good in general? Then, just be mindful of all the things you’ve been blessed with. Pick an area every day and thank the universe for making it a part of your life. It could be your work, your family, your new job, your awesome dancing skills- just about anything. Train your mind to focus only on the positives every day and watch how the cortisol just ebbs away slowly.

6. Get those emails in control

It has been found that the average office person spends about 30% of her time responding to emails. Now, that’s sad and frustrating and it seems like you’re stuck in a never ending cycle of emails. Well, there is a quick fix to that- auto email responders. Let every person know, with an automated reply that you are available only at a certain time of the day and that you will reply at a certain time. Now, pick a time that is convenient and finish off your emails with crisp and concise replies.

7. Some oil for your feet

A leading anti-ageing expert and a potential world record holder for longevity, Dr. Nick Delgado have a secret to long life. It’s cost effective and simple. Just oil the soles of your feet daily. The body can absorb all the goodness of the oil and help keep your system young and supple. Start with a common oil like coconut.

8. Veggies are your friends

Plants have essential phytonutrients that fight against inflammation and cancer causing cells. Thus, it is very important to include them in your diet every day. Have at least three to four helpings of fruits and vegetables every day! Try them in salads, soups, noodles, pastas, sandwiches, or just mix them up with some rice.

So, there you have it. Eight different rituals you can practice every day to be the awesome person that you can be!