Block Cholesterol With Chickpeas!


While all legumes are nutritious, the tiny chickpea is a class-leading bean.

A cup of chickpeas gives 18 g protein, including amino acids necessary for muscle growth, says Rebecca Scritchfield, a Washington DC-based Dietician. Researchers in Canada have found that people who regularly eat chickpeas have healthier cholesterol levels than those who don't.

Credit to a high dose of soluble fibre, the kind that sucks up water, forming a gel in your intestines that blocks cholesterol from being absorbed. Soluble fibre also fuels gut probiotics-the healthy bacteria that promotes digestion, protects and gives your immunity a boost.

Chickpeas are easy to eat: steam or pressure cook lightly and toss them into any salad, soup or stew. Or just enjoy your traditional chole (go easy on the oil) with wholegrain rotis or brown rice.