Avoid Post-Workout Mistakes


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Are your workouts not working? If so, what are you doing wrong? You may be regular in your workouts, but your post-workout habits can sabotage your weight loss goals. Always remember that post-workout habits can be as important as the workout itself. Ruin it and all your hard work goes down the drain. Here are a few ways by which you can avoid frequent mistakes made after a workout.

Plan ahead

A common mistake made after an exercise session is to not plan or book your next workout. Keeping and following a schedule will make it easier for you to attend all your workout sessions. Try to book your next session immediately after a workout as the high level of endorphins will motivate you to keep going.

Avoid sports drinks

Sports drinks contain a lot of calorie and are meant for those who have intense workouts extending to more than an hour. To remain hydrated during and after a workout opt for sweet coconut water which is filled with nutrients. 

Change your clothes

Exercising makes the body hot and sweaty thereby paving the way for more bacteria. This makes your clothes smell and staying in those sweaty damp clothes without changing can lead to infections. Have a quick shower and wear fresh clothes before you head outside. Always keep a packet of wet wipes with you in case you can’t shower. 

Have healthy snacks

Having a bite is necessary after a workout as the food enables the muscle tissues to renew and repair themselves. The best time to do this is about thirty to sixty minutes after your session as this is the time when your metabolism peaks. A snack or shake consisting of both carbohydrates and proteins is considered as ideal as they enhance your energy levels.

Head to the steam room

Invigorate yourself with steam treatment after your exercise session. Heat soothes sore muscles and chucks out toxins from your body. But remember that too much of any good thing is bad. Spend no more than fifteen minutes in the steam room and drink a litre of water after that.  

Treat yourself to a massage

A sports massage after an intense session can revitalize your muscles and rid it of lactic acid and other unwanted substances. A good massage also has the potential to improve your future exercise sessions.

Get enough sleep

Workouts play a constructive role in providing you with good sleep. Lack of sleep after exercising can wreak havoc on your hormones leading to an increase in the stress hormone called cortisol. Growth hormones which support fat loss and decrease fat storage also take a beating due to sleep deprivation.

Say no to treats

Ruining all your hard work in the gym is easy if you can’t say no to sweets and fatty foods. If you have a sweet tooth, treat yourself to sweet yogurt, fresh fruits or dark chocolate in moderation. Reward yourself once in a while with anything other than food for all the hard work you put in. 

Hope for realistic weight loss 

Weighing yourself everyday in the hope of seeing a change is not only foolish but also counterproductive. Check your weight once every week in the early morning. Give yourself time and be consistent in your workout as weight loss is a slow process.