About Zumba!


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We have all read about rags to riches stories of individuals who influence the people around them. But there are a few that become pioneers and prove to be trendsetters that change the way people do or look at things. The fitness industry experienced this nearly a decade ago when a simple aerobics instructor hailing from the modest town of Cali, Colombia started what would become an international rage in the world of Group Fitness. Alberto Beto Perez is one of the official founders of Zumba® Fitness, an international group Fitness program that has taken the world by storm. Starting off as a predominantly Latin American Program, it has over the years infused many other international rhythms like Bellydance, Bhangra, Samba and many more and has truly become a global phenomenon.

Many people wonder how is a Zumba® class any different from say a normal aerobics program. Well the biggest factor is the element of Fun! You notice this as soon as you enter a typical session where the entire class is dressed in a riot of colorful attire including the Instructor who seems to be the real Inspiration behind all this. It's not just the dressing, even the attitude in class is casual and participants are encouraged just to have fun and get their groove on. Not to forget that this is still a real Intense Group Fitness Regime and proper technique is always stressed. Another differing factor between Aerobics and Zumba® is that the latter is an intermittent training program. This basically means that the intensity during an entire session varies between high, medium and low levels. This is beneficial as the body especially the heart rate is not allowed to reach a plateau, and so your body is always pushing it's limits to burn off more calories. It is claimed that an individual can burn anywhere between 400 to 800 calories in a session depending on their fitness level and the intensity they exert. Regulars state that they don't even feel that they are working out as the atmosphere of the class paired up with the eclectic rhythms make each class seem like a celebration. It comes as no surprise then that one of the popular tag lines of Zumba® is 'PARTY YOURSELF TO SHAPE'. But it's not just the physical health benefits that Zumba® has to offer. It's also the mental and emotional well being that many clients claim that they have experienced. Research shows that endorphins that are also known as the Happy Hormones are released when people engage in the energetic moves that form an integral part of Zumba® Fitness. In fact many of the Zumba® success stories are not just about weight loss but it's also about people who have emerged from the brink of depression and anxiety to become more happy and fulfilled individuals.

A cardio intensive program Zumba® Fitness has now branched out to many specialties like Zumba® Toning and Sentao™ that are more focused on the toning aspect using customized dumbells and chairs respectively, and also caters to various age groups with specially designed programs like Zumba® Gold (specially targeted for Active Seniors), Zumba® Kids and Kids Jr and Zumbini™ . Zumba also caters for those who would like something more old school like Step Aerobics and has come up with Zumba® Step, a  program that infuses Zumba® moves using customized steppers known as Rizers.  Zumba® is not just limited to land, there is also a fun aquatic program known as Aqua Zumba® that incorporates the Zumba® moves in water. This proves to be ideal for those with injuries and obesity issues. So whether you are 6 or 60, Zumba seems to have something in store for everyone. So hurry and join a Zumba® Fitness class near you and Party Yourself to Fitness!