10 Power Moves for a Flat Stomach


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Your standard crunches will only work on the obliques and the upper abs of your stomach. In order to get better results, you need to target the deeper core muscles of your body and more importantly increase the intensity of cardio that is directed towards your stomach. Here are some exercises that can help you blast that belly fat.

1) Hula Hoop

A great exercise which incorporates a lot of fun in your workout- hula hoop is a highly underestimated but very effective ab workout that can help you burn 130 calories in less than 20 minutes. Do it about three times a week and you will see your fat melting away.

2) Use a Fitness Ball

It’s time those crunches really helped in burning fat. Invest in a stability ball. These are cheap but great for abs. Your stomach muscles need to work harder to balance this huge ball and this way you can successfully target the deeper muscles of your abs and make them stronger.

3) Russian Twist

This super effective workout was even done by Russian soldiers during the World War. Sit on the floor, lean back and keep your knees bent ahead of you. Now, while continuing to lean back, start to twist your torso from one side to the other. Keep doing this and to make this more difficult, use either a medicine ball, a dumbbell or a weight plate.

4) Get on with the Plank

This is the go-to exercise for a tough core. It works the deep set muscles of your core and helps in making them stronger. Start with as little as 10 seconds and you will be amazed how much longer you can hold the plank within just a week of continuous practice.

5) Bicycle Crunch

One of the most hard-hitting exercises for your fat, bicycle crunches work on your abs and obliques all at the same time. Just lie down and start touching your elbow to the opposite knee while cycling with your legs.

6) Side Plank

The plank, done in any form is great. Along with your straight plank, do the side plank to target the sides of your body.

7) Running

Along with gaining muscle concentration, you need to focus on burning that fat right off. To do that, start running. Do a 45 minute run at least twice a week. Alternate between a steady-paced run and sprints.

8) Dance

Yet another calorie burner, dancing is a great way to blast fat without feeling the stress. Moves that focus on your abs and styles like belly dancing, reggaeton or Afro are great.

9) Reverse Curl

For your lower abdominals, try the reverse curl. While lying on your back, keep your arms by your sides and hands on the floor. Life both your legs simultaneously and extend them upwards. Use your abs to lift off your hips and balance. Then, back down slowly. Repeat as many as possible.

10) Kettle Bell swing

The kettlebell, with its odd shape, automatically forces you to engage your core while you lift off. Keep your feet apart and hold the kettlebell from the top. Now, squeeze your hips and glutes and swing up, to chest height or above your head, keeping your core engaged.