10 Habits You Should Change To Lose Weight


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10 habits you should change to lose weight

Yes we all know that potatoes and pasta make us fat if consumed in excess. However, it isn’t just these that you can blame if you find yourself becoming bigger by the day. We take so much for granted around us and sometimes become oblivious to simple habits that can have serious consequences like weight gain. Here are 10 things that you might be doing wrong for weight loss.

1. Big bites of food 

You’d be surprised to know that people who consumed larger bites of food consumed a whopping 52% more calories than people who took smaller morsels of food and chewed for longer. The secret to satiety is to take smaller bites of food and enjoy it, instead of gobbling it up.

2. Serving from the table

When your serving dishes are laid out family or buffet-style, then you end up eating 35% more quantity of food than you would, if the food was served from the kitchen. Studies have found that people hesitate to get another helping if they have to get up from the dining table.

3. Missing Whole Grain in your diet

Whole grains pack in more fiber when compared to their refined grain counterparts. So, when the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a study, it found that when obese people started including whole grain in their diets, they lost more abdominal fat over the course of 12 weeks.

4. Lack of adequate amount of water 

It has been stated enough number of times- the more water you drink, the better your body functions. An experiment that was conducted saw that participants who drank water before each meal lost 30% more weight than those who didn’t. Also, adding ice to your water helps magnify the effect. German researchers discovered that drinking six cups of ice cold water a day could result in a metabolic boost that incinerates 50 daily calories. That’s enough to shed over 2 kilos of weight per year!

5. Using larger plates

Logically speaking, you tend to eat more food and hence pile on more calories by eating off larger plates. Interestingly, some researchers found that when given an option, an alarming 98.6% obese people chose to eat from large plates. This explains the lack of results.

6. Keeping unhealthy company 

It’s a fact that if you spend too much time with obese persons, your chances of becoming obese are very high. You tend to be influenced by the habits of those around you. So, if you find that your friend/partner/relative is gaining weight, suggest some tips and practices to help them get back in shape.

7. Lack of good sleep 

Your body burns a lot of fat while you sleep. So, getting 7-8 hours of sleep a day is a must. Make sure that your stomach is not full when you hit the sack.

8. Not using the weighing scale

Looking at your weight always reinforces your workout goals and pushes you into doing more. Make sure to choose a time to check your weight and make a habit out of doing it at the same time everyday so that you can avoid fluctuations.

9. Fruit juices

Honestly, the concept of fresh fruit juice has been tossed out the window. Most fruit juices today have an excess of sugar because they use high fructose corn syrup and thickening agents. So, if you’re feeling thirsty, might we suggest some water ?

10. Eating when you’re bored or stressed

A lot of us are guilty of doing this. Imagine that you’re watching TV at home and have nothing to do. Most of the time, you will find yourself going in search of something to munch on. Instead, try chewing some gum or chugging water. It will help bring your boredom and pseudo hunger pangs to rest.