Green Soup


Image Courtesy By: Suhasini


Green peas: 100 gms

Spring onions: 3 

Tomato: 1

Corn Flour: 2 Table Spoons

Pepper powder: according to your taste

Butter or Fresh Cream

Salt to Taste


1. Boil a tomato and peal out the skin and grind it into a fine puree.

2. Take a bowl with little water and boil green peas and spring onions.

3. After boiling, add tomato puree, salt and pepper powder and stir for 5 mins.

4. Take a bowl with little water, add corn flour and mix it without lumps.

5. Now add this corn flour mix to the soup and stir it.

6. Now add water to it so that you get the required soup consistency.

7. Finally top your piping hot green soup with a dollop of butter or fresh cream.