ParentingYour Child Needs Therapy: Part 1

18th August 2020by Truhap0

One of my biggest disappointments in life is that at the age of 17, I had learned nothing about how to cope with life.
I had 12 years of academic success and nobody taught me that I was even breathing wrong. Have you ever realised that our lungs are covered by a ribcage and when we breathe our chest expands…
Isn’t there a ribcage? How we actually need to breathe is through our stomach. What we have been doing is actually stress breathing known as “shallow breathing” which increases anxiety.
One of the most famous Cognitive Behavioral Therapy technique is Breathing Retraining where a person is taught again how to breathe right.
There is nothing wrong with someone if they go to therapy, the stigma of mental illness is
destroying lives. I’ve noticed the people who need therapy the most are the one’s messing up lives for others. Child therapy helps your child learn that the world isn’t a bad place. We are all human. Just like adults, children receive emotional support. They are taught about goals and how to attain them. Every individual regardless of their age should have a safe place, where they can talk their mind and learn how to handle situations better. The younger the betterNo child should grow into someone who considers self-harm or suicide as an option. 
It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglass

For kids therapy is designed in a nonverbal way through games and play. It may focus on building the child’s self-esteem, communication skills, healthy normal development and improving a child’s emotional vocabulary.

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