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18th August 2020by Truhap0
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Things you definitely shouldn’t do when you’re about to meet the new bundle of joy

So, your friend/sister/cousin/some family member recently delivered and she and her husband are the beaming parents of a beautiful little angel. We understand you’re going to eager to meet the baby, but let us warn you that the new parents are going to be swirling in all kinds of emotions. They’re mostly tired, but also anxious, nervous, happy and excited. And they’re most definitely not in the state for confrontation. So, without making things too difficult for them, here is a list of things you want to avoid doing when you visit their baby.


We all know about third-hand smoke that lingers on your fingernails, clothes, hair. There are strict rules about newborns being exposed to third smoke. Please don’t smoke before you go to meet a baby. Make sure you’re clean and are wearing fresh, laundered clothes.

Hot Drinks

This is a no-brainer. We understand you’ve had a sleepless night for some reason and definitely need that hot cup of espresso before you head to work. But make sure that you keep a safe distance from the baby while having your beverage.

Taking your kids along might not exactly be the best idea

Your kids may the best-behaved in the whole wide world and they may even be fond of newborns. But, to assume that they’re invited to visit the newborn child of another couple might be a little far-fetched. Children tend to ask questions and not all of them might be quiet and hushed up around newborns. The parents too have had a whirlwind of a time with the delivery after nine months of anticipation. So, it’s best to offer them peace and quiet and show up with only adults at least in the first two weeks or so.

Being late is not fashionable

New parents have probably had little or no sleep at all and with all the people that keep coming in, they might just be all the more exhausted. Be considerate towards their situation and turn up on time. Don’t make them wait and if you’re going to be late, let them know in advance.

Clean hands

Make sure that your hands are washed with a strong hand wash before you touch the baby. You might think your hands look clean but don’t go by appearances.

Wake up, wake up.

People who go out of their way to wake up sleeping babies are seldom invited back by parents. So, don’t do it! Babies sleep for as many as 18 hours a day and sleep is essential for healthy development of the child. Moreover, the already tired parents might just have to spend a considerable amount of time putting the baby to sleep. You don’t want to look like the villain or take on the added responsibility of putting a bawling baby to sleep, do you?

Spreading your sickness

You may be suffering from a bad bout of flu and your best friend has had a baby. It’s okay if you wait till you have completely recovered before you meet her. Your BFF will understand. The thing is babies have extremely rudimentary immune systems and will definitely contract a sickness if it’s hovering around them.

Being too pushy for a cuddle

Yes, the smell of newborn babies and the feel of their soft skin is amazing. But wait for the mommy to offer you a cuddle from the baby. Don’t be in a rush.

Trying to take control of a crying baby

You may have done this a thousand times earlier but when the baby is crying, it’s best if you hand it back to the parents. It could be hungry, might need a diaper change, or might be missing the smell of mommy. Whatever it is, don’t try to take matters into your own hands and let the parents take care.

Mess Trail

Clean up before you leave. If you took a present for the baby and if it was unwrapped, then make sure to put the wrapping paper away. If you were served something to eat or drink, then wash your plate/cup. Don’t let the new parents do anything because of you.

Starting during breastfeeding

Don’t make the mom uncomfortable by staring at her breasts while she’s feeding the baby. It’s a new experience that the both of them are getting used and she may already be feeling a little conscious. It’s best to continue the conversation and make eye contact and go on as if nothing happened.

Don’t wait for the baby to cry to know that it needs feeding

Babies usually do other things to show that they’re hungry. Sometimes, they may look for a nipple everywhere they see or put their fingers in their mouths. These are the first signs. If you see the baby doing this, let the mom know.

Being advisor

Everybody loves giving parenting advice. But we suggest that you only do so if you’re asked for it.

Outstaying your welcome

It’s important to show that you care and that you want to be a part of your friend’s happy celebration but at the same time, don’t overstay your visit. Two hours at a stretch is the maximum amount of time we’d recommend that you hang around.

Expecting five-star hospitality

Yes, you’re a guest but the new family is going through a lot right now. So, at this point, it would help if you could help out in any way. Assist with cooking, cleaning up and attending to small chores. Better still, get home cooked food for your friends. They’re going to be thrilled and relieved.

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