About the Conference

The question “What is autism” has concerned everybody who has come across an autistic person. Researchers have been trying to answer this affirmatively, for many decades now. But these descriptions are based on external observations and many a time; do not completely match the lived experiences of Autistic people. Yet, we seldom have public discussions about autism from the point of view of an Autistic person.

To celebrate autism awareness month in April 2021, we are organising: This is my autism: a one of its kind conference in India. It will feature only Autistic presenters, who will educate us about how autism looks like from the inside. We hope that these stories and ideas will lead us to better understand Autism and support our loved ones who are Autistic.


This conference is available for free to all who want to participate.

We will be advertising for businesses run by Autistic people. Through this, we hope to support and encourage Autistic people’s ideas, talents and livelihood without charging them for advertising.

However, we are incurring expenses to organise this event. Therefore, we encourage you to donate as per your financial ability.

Profile of Presenter

  • Identity – The Presenter must identify as an Autistic
  • Status of diagnosis- Self-diagnosed individuals are also welcome
  • Nationality – Autistic people from all around the world are welcome.
  • Marginalised groups – We particularly welcome non-speakers and those from other marginalised groups within the Autistic community to present.
  • Age – We acknowledge that Autistic people of all ages must be heard and may have amazing insights to present. However, due to certain constraints, we are only able to allow adults: ages 18+ to present this time.
  • Gender – we acknowledge that many Autistic people identify as non-binary gender. Therefore, we welcome people of any gender.

Inappropriate Topics

The following topics may not be appropriate to the theme and vision of the conference, and therefore will not be encouraged.

  1. Cure for or prevention of Autism
  2. Causes for Autism
  3. Benefits of particular therapies (unless from an advocacy perspective)
  4. How helpful particular therapists or organisations have been (unless from an advocacy perspective)
APRIL 202118th & 25th
04:00 PM-07:00 PM, IST





We expect the following categories of people to attend this conference.

  • Autistic people
  • Parents of Autistic people
  • Other loved ones of Autistic people: siblings/ friends/ colleagues/ relatives
  • Professionals working with Autistic people
  • Disability rights advocates
  • Students of sociology, education, psychology and disability studies

Questions and Answer Session

Audience will be allowed to type in their questions throughout the session. One of the organisers from the TruHap team will make a list of all the questions. The Question and Answer session will be scheduled after every three presentations.


Date Event
6th March 2021 Abstract submissions open
22nd March 2021 Last date to submit abstract
29th March 2021 Submitters informed of acceptance or non-acceptance of abstract
5th April 2021 Roster or schedule of presentations published
10th, 11th, 17th and 24th April 2021 Practice or mock for the presenters
18th April 2021 (4pm to 7pm) Day 1 of conference
25th April 2021 (4pm to 7pm) Day 2 of conference

Please note the following

1. Many of our presenters have no prior experience in giving presentations to the audience. All we want is to give them a platform to voice their opinions.
2. We request you to accept our presenters if they are unable to follow the social norms of self presentation and encourage our presenters to not feel embarassed when they stim, forget and ask for help.

Schedule for Day 1: 18th April 2021

Session number Title Time Presenter Type
Session 1 Introduction 4 PM – 4.05 PM Rakshita
Session 2 I Was a Magic Candle Too 4.05 PM – 4.15 PM Devrupa Rakshit Poetry
Session 3 Autism and Romantic Relationships 4.15 PM – 4.25 PM Pranav Sethi Talk
Session 4 Invisible 4.35 PM – 4.45 PM Sushmita Ganguly Talk
Session 5 Autism and Addiction: A discussion 4.45 PM – 5 PM David Gray-Hammond Interview
Session 6 Q&A 5 PM – 5.15 PM
Session 7 Autism and the power of self reconciliation 5.15 PM – 5.25 PM Anand Balasubramanian Talk
Session 8 This is My Autism: My Autism through pictorial representations 5.25 PM – 5.35 PM Janak Doctor-Gregory Art Talk
Session 9 Making sense of autism: Monotropism and the mind as an interest system 5.35 PM – 5.50 PM Fergus Murray Talk
Session 10 Q&A 5.50 PM – 6.05 PM
Session 11 Music, Emotional Regulation, and Connection 6.05 PM – 6.15 PM Spandna Music
Session 12 Thinking through Art : A journey of my relationship with art 6.15 PM – 6.25 PM Ritika Gupta Art
Session 13 I am a self-advocate. How can I help you? 6.25 PM – 6.40 PM Chris Beedt Q&A
Session 14 Q&A 6.40 PM – 6.55 PM
Session 15 conclusion 6.55 PM – 7.00 PM

Schedule for Day 2: 25th April 2021

Session number title time presenter type
Session 16 introduction 4 PM – 4.05 PM
Session 17 Journey to the cosmos 4.05 PM – 4.15 PM Aranya Chakrabarti musical performance
Session 18 Prose on Life 4.15 PM – 4.25 PM Laura Murray prose
Session 19 I am not rude. 4.25 PM – 4.35 PM Sofia Akbar talk
Session 20 My Life in Photos 4.35 PM – 4.40 PM Kabir Kumtha photo display
Session 21 I and my Autism 4.40 PM – 4.45 PM Tarun Verma poster
Session 22 Hide and Seek 4.45 PM – 4.55 PM Mel Duncan talk
Session 23 Using avaz 4.55 PM – 5 PM Varun interview
Session 24 Q&A 5 PM – 5.15 PM
Session 25 How I learnt I was autistic at 28 5.15 PM – 5.25 PM Rupalim Hazarika talk
Session 26 MY AUTISM IS LIKE….. 5.25 PM – 5.35 PM Drishaan Grover talk
Session 27 Sense in rhythm 5.35 PM – 5.50 PM Ashwin Shekhar musical performance
Session 28 Q&A 5.50 PM – 6.05 PM
Session 29 The Hidden Autistic Workforce 6.05 PM – 6.15 PM Laura McConnell talk
Session 30 Healthy Autistic Boundaries 6.15 PM – 6.30 PM Moriah Williams talk
Session 31 The Sensory of Self Advocacy 6.30 PM – 6.45 PM Sarah Selvaggi Hernandez talk
Session 32 Q&A 6.45 PM – 7.05 PM
Session 33 conclusion 7.00 PM – 7.05 PM
APRIL 202118th & 25th
04:00 PM-07:00 PM, IST


APRIL 202118th & 25th
04:00 PM-07:00 PM, IST


APRIL 202118th & 25th
04:00 PM-07:00 PM, IST