ParentingThe Downfall of Child Development

17th August 2020by Truhap0

The Failing Systems:

There are may reason for the downfall of child development. These can be controlled and used to our advantage just by getting to know about them.

• Children not going outside and destressing through releasing excess energy by running around playing. When kids do not exercise enough in the open it causes pent up energy to be piled inside and the child to become hyperactive later on.

• Television robs children of precious time that could have been used for reading, playing, socializing and other such important activities.

• Unhealthy diets: Children with poor diets develop nutritional deficiencies in iron and iodine, which can cause cognitive, physical, and social/emotional developmental delays. Not just that they may become a target for cholesterol, obesity and other medical conditions.

• Working parents who do not have enough time for children: There is nothing wrong with parents who work but they should make their schedules in a way that the children are never left alone, to their own devices. Children need to be monitored. They need guidance and supervision. They are innocent and do not understand things that may be harmful to them.

• Unhappy marriage: Research has found that children suffer in multiple ways due to unhappy parents. The child’s feelings of security and safety are threatened and he/she may be prone to depression and anxiety.

• Defects in the education system: From the lack of schooling to bullying, the effects of education systems are many. Especially in India where the focus has shifted severely on making “toppers” and emotional intelligence is neglected. Increasing the risks of suicide.

• Social Media: The generation that is being raised by the internet. It’s common for teenagers to get addicted to phones and other gadgets. Now-a-days it’s rare to see someone not checking their phone every few minutes. The children learn through their comparison, aggression, and violence. Not just that unrealistic body image is promoted. Cyberbullying is also a danger. Children need to be monitored while using the internet or watching television.

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