Students With Special Needs-Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud!

16th August 2020by Arshi Alam0
Blur Child Classroom

It is very important to be consistent with students with special needs, and to create a predictable environment for them. Structure is very important to them because their out-of-school environment is usually very chaotic. When the teacher creates a predictable, structured environment, students with special needs can relax. An anonymous teacher once said,” The systems are useful for keeping records and helping students see their behavioural progress, but that it meant nothing unless the teacher could ‘hook’ the student.” She meant that all the techniques in the world would never really work unless the teacher cares about and believes in the student. Also, the student must care about, believe in, and trust the teacher. If this kind of relationship can be established, real behavioural, social and emotional change can take place. It is very important that as educators we respect the student and his parents by keeping all information related to his case confidential. Consultation with other specialists, including the special education teacher, school counsellor, and others who may prove helpful in devising effective strategies is necessary. We need to work hand in hand for the growth and progress of students with special needs. Students with special needs have certain extra needs but as an inclusive school, they need to be given the same privileges and opportunities as rest of our students. Involve the student in all activities and encourage them yet accept their decision if they are hesitant about particular activities, also avoid giving the student an excessive amount of attention. As motivation is necessary for them, provide them a moderate amount of praise for their performance in front of his/her peers when they experience success; provide more reinforcement privately. The teacher should be aware that his or her interactions with the student with a disability will serve as a model for interaction with that student by others. This may be particularly important in assisting others in areas such as communicating with the students of determination about behaviour that does not appear appropriate.

Together we can make a difference because if a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

Arshi Alam

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