Rakshita Shekhar
Special Educator

Rakshita has extensively worked with children across varied age groups, ability levels and socio-economic backgrounds. Rakshita has presented researched as acclaimed international conferences. Rakshita has acquired a masters degree in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, from the University of Kent, UK. She also holds a Professional Diploma in Teaching from the Cambridge University, UK.


Niharika is the co-founder of TruHap. She has worked as a Hardware Consultant at PSU. She has a graduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and loves to make creative stuff during leisure time.
Who do you think will fully understand Autism? Someone who has vast textbook knowledge or someone who is living with it and is constantly learning more about it. We know that people try their best to understand when they are consoling. But no one knows how terrible or fulfilling a situation is until they have experienced it. "We all want a normal child. But at what cost? How do you know when therapy becomes traumatizing for someone? Don't break the person in hope's to cure... an incurable- acceptable set of behaviours."
Learn from our speaker who is Autistic. Most often female autistics are diagnosed late or never. This is the same with Rakshita Shekar an inclusive teacher gifted with Autism. She holds a Master’s degree in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities from University of Kent, UK, and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore, India. She has over 10 years of experience facilitating learning for children and adults, across socio-economic categories and support needs, and currently teaches autistic students with a focus on developing their self and social identity. She has presented research on inclusive education in national and international forums. Rakshita is passionate about pedagogy, autism and inclusion. As an Autistic self-advocate, her teaching approach is centered on developing good mental health in disabled children.

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