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TruHap welcomes all the psychologists and final year Master students who would like to make themselves trained and exposed to different therapeutic techniques. Different therapeutic expertise is necessary to handle the wide range of conditions and populations seeking therapy. Having specialization guarantees that as a therapist, you can give competent and effective assistance to clients while adhering to ethical norms and evidence-based practices.

We tried to include in our program how we could help you to understand the broader side of psychology. This includes understanding neurodevelopmental disorders to have inclusivity while connecting with people of different brains. secondly, the importance of taking case history and MSE before consultation and understanding the person within the cultural context. Thirdly, our expert will provide valuable insights into understanding human behavior within organizational contexts and equip individuals with knowledge and skills to effectively manage people and teams in the workplace. Finally, multiple therapeutic modalities and approaches that you as a counselor could take up. Each modality has its own principles, techniques, and indications for use. Therapists need to be familiar with these modalities to choose the most suitable one for their clients. Being a psychology student or a therapist, exploring yourself on multiple interdisciplinary approaches gives out the opportunity to understand diverse conditions and helps to address the complexities of different conditions effectively. Tailoring your therapy approach based on the client's requirement needs this kind of expertise and knowledge. All the therapy modules we guide you in the training are evidence-based therapeutic approaches that continually evolving based on research and scientific evidence. It is essential for therapists to stay updated with the latest developments and evidence-based practices to provide the best possible support for their clients.

Learning Outcomes:

Introduction to Neurodevelopmental Disorders:-
- Intellectual Disabilities(ID)
- Communication Disorders
- Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
- Attention – Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
- Specific Learning Disorder
- Motor Disorder & Other NDs

Case History & MSE

Introduction to Organizational Behavior:-
- Origin of OB
- Importance of psychological safety
- Role of Psychologist
- Scope & relevance

Orientation to introduction to therapeutic intervention:-
- Counseling and Therapy
- Humanistic Approach
- Cognitive Approach – CBT, REBT
- Behavior Approach
⦿ 15 days - 1.5 hour per day
⦿ 💻 Mode: Zoom

Your Facilitators

Maya Chandrashekaran
Rehabilitation Psychologist

Surya Raveendran
Counseling Psychologist

Aniket Deshpande
Counseling Psychologist

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