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15th August 2020by Truhap0

Hobbies can enrich your lives by inspiring creativity and keeping boredom away. Some hobbies provide solitary time while others help to socialise. Take a look at this list of hobbies and pick one or more to fill your days with excitement and entertainment.


There is something extremely relaxing about working in the company of nature. Growing plants is therefore a greatly enjoyable and soothing hobby. Do not let lack of space be an impediment to planting flowers and vegetables. If you live in an apartment, use pots or the latest trend of vertical gardening to grow your own food. You could also use gardening to teach your children to bond with nature.


If you are on the lookout for a relaxing hobby, knitting is the one to try. Knitting is a great stress reliever as it helps to clear the mind by getting rid of negative energy and frustrations. A finished knitting project can be a great gift for your dear ones which you can give away with pride. Making something for you with your own hands can add to your confidence and happiness.


This is another interesting and inexpensive hobby for finding fulfillment. A blog can focus on anything under the sky. You may choose to write about your interests, experiences or hobbies. Take care to write about something you are passionate about as this will encourage you to maintain your new hobby. Try to keep your blog interesting by adding photos and links. Maintaining a private blog as a diary is a beautiful way to collect your thoughts at the end of the day.


Photography can be a pleasure as well as a great hobby, if you are attracted to beautiful visuals. From animals to birds, flowers, rain, houses, etc. there are innumerable subjects waiting to be captured in your camera. According to your interest in photography, you can opt to do a basic photography course and also invest in a digital camera. On becoming an expert, this field can present you with an excellent and passionate career opportunity.


Books can be your greatest friends as they not only allow you to pass time but also fill you with knowledge. Books take you to distant lands which you may never have seen and also tell stories about mighty emperors, cruel dictators and even holy and virtuous men. Sitting in a relaxing chair with a book and a cup of tea or coffee is one of the greatest ways to refresh your mind.


Music soothes everyone’s soul. But more than listening to music why not try your hand at an instrument. There are so many to choose ranging from the violin to the guitar, drums, piano, xylophone, saxophone and so on. Wouldn’t it be great to have others dancing to your tunes?


There is no age limit to learning a new sport. Engaging in a sport is not only a hobby but also a great way to increase your share of exercise and lose weight. A team sport also helps one to socialise and make friends. Buy a good pair of shoes and start to play your favourite game.

Cross stitch

You may not be an expert in embroidery, but you can still make stunning creations with a needle and thread if you learn how to cross stitch. Infact there is nothing much to learn. Simply buy a cross stitch kit online or from the nearby craft store. Follow the instructions given and voila – you have already learnt how to cross stitch. The best thing about learning cross stitch is that you can do it even while watching television or travelling.


The earth is so full of beautiful creations. If you love to play with a brush, painting them can be a great hobby for you. Start small and keep on practising till you become an expert, as practice makes one perfect. If you are really good at it, you can even train under an artist.

Candle making

Besides being a hobby, candle making is also an art form. Unleash your creativity by choosing beautiful colours, shapes and scents for your candle. If you thought that candle making is difficult you are in for a surprise, as it is quite an easy and fun hobby. The best thing about candle making is that you can melt the candle and remake it if you are not happy with your creation.


Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby which helps to preserve all the beautiful moments in your lives. A scrapbook is more than a photo album as it tells the stories behind the photos. You can decorate your scrapbook as you like by adding embellishments or personal notes. A scrapbook can also be a special gift which you can make for your loved ones.

Learning a language

Knowing a language is always an asset. Taking up a foreign language course may not help you to master it, but it can certainly come in handy someday. Besides it is also a good addition to your resume.


What better way to please your loved one than to cook his or her favourite food? Consider yourself lucky if you are passionate about cooking as it is the best way to make your family and friends happy. Enrol in a cooking course or get free recipes from the internet and keep on experimenting.

Bird watching

If you love birds and are curious about their lives, bird watching is the right hobby for you. Taking up bird watching as a hobby also helps you to relax and be in the company of nature. Buy a good pair of binoculars and some bird identification books to get started. Soon you will become an expert at identifying birds and finding their nesting places.

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