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15th August 2020by Priyanka Naveen0

“Is that your kid? Oh, so blessed you are! ”

Every parent wants to hear this. But is that really what you want from your child?

Every person has a talent some display it, some don’t. Every child is unique, every child is talented.

Parenting is not a competitive sport, where you win through your kids. Your child is not meant to make you proud. Let them decide when and where they would use or showcase their talent.

Your child and his/her talent are not meant for public display. Some may be so shy that they may totally give up on their talent, just because you insist them to display. In some other cases, the child may get into attention seeking mode and would demand attention every time.

Let them just be your kids, not your pride.

When you make your kids your pride they will never be able to live for themselves.

As long as you don’t make them feel, that your happiness lies in how and what they achieve, they tend to be more stable and achieve more in life because they do it for themselves.

Happy Parenting

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