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Keeping Money arguments at bay

In a romantic relationship, we are often drawn to a person whose nature and sometimes interests, complement our own. While we all carry our differences, a disagreement on financial issues can spell disaster.

Research shows that we inherit our attitude towards money from our family and in many cases we are not even fully aware of it. In such a case, it is always advisable to sit down and talk to your partner about finances.

Whether you’ve been together 6 weeks or 6 years, discussing your financial views is the first step to being on the same page.

Some questions you could ask-

What did your parents teach you about money?
What are your financial goals?
What are your fears about money?

If you understand your partner’s beliefs, you are less likely to have a conflict about finances in the future.

Teamwork is better

It’s commonplace for couples to divide duties, including financial ones. For instance, one may be in charge of monthly expenses and the other of long-term investments. But such division of duties may be a cause for conflict, experts warn. To avoid dissent, rotation of these jobs may be a viable option.

You could share your roles equally. Choose a certain day of the month to sit down and discuss your financial activity in the past and also plan for the future. You could also schedule something fun after, so that the activity seems less of a chore.

Planning for the future is an essential task too. So, sit down and list common goals and personal ones too and even if you disagree on some, find a common ground. Understanding and belief in the other’s decisions, is key to having a sound financial future.

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