HealthImprove Your Child’s Performance During Exams Through Right Food

18th August 2020by Ankita Gupta0

The dreaded final exams are around the corner. With stress levels rising and exam preparations taking away most of our time, we have to make a conscious effort to watch our children’s nutrition to improve memory, concentration and their performance. Here are some brain food recommendations during the most stressful period of children’s academic year.

  • Fruits and Veggies

Always choose adequate amount of fresh fruits and vegetables like amla, citrus fruits, tomatoes, papaya, guava, orange, green leafy vegetables, bottle guard, methi, carrots, beetroot to ensure good vitamin C status.

  • Small but regular meals

Eat smaller frequent meals to ensure a steady stream of energy and have a calming effect on the brain. Avoid large meals and binge-eating.

  • Bye-bye junk

Minimize intake of junk food like pizza, burger, pastry, sweetened beverages and sugar. Choose whole grains like oats, barley, brown rice and whole wheat; pulses, nuts and seeds, low fat dairy, seafood, lean meats, green leafy vegetables to ensure adequate intake of vitamin B and zinc.  Fish, methi, urad dal, eggs, rajma, soy beans, lobia, walnuts, bajra, and flax seeds (alsi) are good for brain and promote skin and heart health. Including these food in kid’s diet will improve child’s performance.

  • Healthy snacks

For snacks choose fresh fruits, dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, dry fruit ladoo, chikki , soups, salads, hot chocolate, almond milk or yogurt, to prevent swings in blood sugars and cravings.

  • Hydration

Drink plenty of fluids and remain well hydrated.

  • Feed them memory enhancing foods

For those looking for memory enhancing techniques, nourish your brain with healthy nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts and flax seeds rather than gulping memory pills.

A little bit of consistent effort from your side can help your child stay calm and prepare well for his/her exams. Good luck!

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