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14th August 2020by Truhap0
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Are you thinking of how to turn on your partner in bed? Here are a few tips for both men and women which will help you to give greater pleasure to your partner the next time.


Say what you want
Men often complain that women are too quiet during times of intimacy. Tell your man where you want him to touch you and what you want him to do. You can show your appreciation of what he is doing by a sigh, loving words or even a scream.

Talk naughty
Talking dirty does not mean using bad language. You just need to tell your man why he turns you on, what you enjoy and what you want to do to him. Saying naughty things before and during foreplay can make your man want you more and more.

Let him be the boss
Men like to be in control. Let your man be the boss and show off his masculine side at times. Playing coy in front of him once in a while can be really exciting for him as well as you.

Be creative
Be ready to adopt new ideas and tricks to keep your man from getting bored in bed. Wear new sexy clothes, play a sexy game, try role play, give each other a massage or have a steaming shower together to perk up your sex life.

Boost his sexual confidence
Give your man more attention and praise in the bedroom as this will boost his confidence thereby allowing him to be more uninhibited in showing you his love. Compliment him on his looks, physique and moves to make him happy.


Have a good foreplay
Foreplay is very important for a woman. It is the first step that gets her into the mood for good sex. Take time to touch, kiss, lick, caress and cuddle your woman and she will love you for it.

Use your lips and fingers
Be creative with your lips and fingers if you really want to please your woman. Put your lips and fingertips to good use on the sensitive areas of her body to make her moan with pleasure.

Focus on her entire body
Women like it when their man pays attention to their whole body during sex. So instead of focussing on one or two areas play with the nape of her neck, gently bite her ears, nibble her toes, kiss the back of her knees, etc. to make her happy.

Be confident
Women like their man to be confident. Stop overthinking and comparing yourself to others when you are in bed. Simply take control and follow your instincts.

Choose the right words
Choose proper words to compliment and praise your woman in bed. Never compare her to anybody else as this can ruin your mood in bed and also damage your relationship.


“Not like that”
Never destroy your partner’s self confidence by criticizing him or her in bed. If your partner is not doing something right, tell him or her about it in a subtle and tactful way.

“My ex used to …”
Talking about your ex while in bed is a big no no. This will certainly bring doom to your present relationship.

“Let’s get it done with!”
Do not say these words even if you are in a hurry. These words can give your partner the feeling that you are not interested and spoil the mood in the bedroom.

“Did you switch off the heater?”
Forget about your daily chores once you are in bed with your partner. Do whatever you need to do before that and enjoy your time together. Your partner should get the feeling that you are focussing only on him or her.

“Let’s plan a baby”
Leave big decisions to a more appropriate time. Deciding to have a baby is a big step in your life and should be taken after proper discussion between the two of you.

“Need to go to the washroom”
Take some time to lie in bed and cuddle with your partner after making love. This will increase your intimacy and make your relationship stronger. Everything else can be done after that.

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