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14th August 2020by Javeria Junaidi0

How To Make Your Child Into An Intellectual Individual:

Avoid Screen time: Too much screen time has been linked to childhood obesity, irregular sleep patterns, and behavioural issues. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, entertainment “screen time” should be limited to two hours a day.

Rather than passive viewers, you can encourage your child to become interactive with the screen. Making their own videos or learning the basics of computer programming is better than idly watching television or playing games.

Set High but Healthy Expectations: According to research parents who hold expectations from their children have better performing children than those who don’t.

Pay Attention To Your Child: Children often feel ignored and unimportant when their parents do not listen to them. Nowadays parents are addicted to phones, they are tuning out their children for some Facebook or Instagram time.

Include Children In House Chores: Children who help with work excel in other fields of life as well. Children as young as 3-4 should also be encouraged to help with housework.

Praising for The Right Thing: Do not praise your child for scoring good marks without hard work. Instead focus the praise on hard work, persistence and endurance.

Try to Build a Home Full of Love and Support: This should be the top priority for any parent. Even if you fight with your spouse make sure it is fair fighting and focus on reconciliation rather than tit-for-tat kind of behaviour.

Parenting Style: Follow authoritative parenting for best results in child-rearing.

Apart from these, there are more ways you can ensure to raise an intellectual child:

• Read books to your kid. Even if he is in an age where he may not understand it.

• Let your kid play. Mentioned in other articles as well, the importance of outside play is in abundance. Children are made in a way that they learn how to cope with life and how to do daily things in a playful manner.

• Encourage curiosity. Do not shut your child down when he asks questions. Answer them, encourage your child to ask questions.

• Include exercise in your child’s routine.

• Add music in your child’s life.

• If you absolutely need to give gadgets for playing make sure to the games are educational.

• Encourage healthy attitudes like “I Can Do It” and “Every Problem Has A Solution”.

• Positive self-talk is healthy while Negative self-talk should be discouraged.

• Give nutritious food rather than junk.

• Do not praise too much as this can lead to the narcissistic personality.

• Do not correct your child excessively on everything he/she does.

• Teach your child the importance of deferred gratification

• Tell stories to your child.

There are many more things you can do as parents to ensure a better future for your child. Browse through our other articles to learn more 🙂

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