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14th August 2020by Truhap0
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You might never know in which country you end up staying after marriage. Many women marry men working in foreign countries, while some may return back to their native place after their onsite work gets over but for men, who are settled in a foreign land, their wives have a tough time. Some of these women even though they are well educated or previously have work experience have no choice but to settle in with their husbands as homemakers, as the rules of a foreign land might not permit them to work or due to lack of good opportunities.

The first six months pass away happily as you experience the new people, weather, lifestyle and places. But then loneliness seeps in and each day starts to seem long and boring. The biggest challenge you will have to face in such a situation is how to spend your time fruitfully. Once your husband leaves for office you may have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Your hobbies might keep you engaged for 1 or 2 years.

Being stressed out can lead to either low intake of food or extremely high intake of food. Never eat to get relief from stress, as this will certainly pave the way for bigger health and weight problems. You can relieve stress by physically activity. Try yoga to calm your mind. Aerobics, Zumba, swimming, walking, etc. not only give great exercise to your body but also give your mind the much needed energy.

Another thing you could do is to find a relative or friend you can talk to and confide in. However take care that this person should not be a pessimist. A positive person will help you to think positively and boost up your energy. Surround yourself with positive friends.

Nowadays people use the internet to pass their time. Negative thoughts resulting from loneliness may come to your mind while browsing the net. Let the negative thoughts pass. There are many fun or activity based websites which you could use to your gain.

Meditation is a great tool to control your thoughts. Do a course in meditation or simply browse the net for good meditation videos and begin practising daily. You could also learn any new art or craft like sewing, embroidery, knitting, quilling, cooking, painting, etc. if possible.

On the whole be happy, try to sing songs and keep your mind stress free.

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