Healthy Autistic Boundaries- By Moriah Williams.

Healthy Autistic Boundaries. A Class for Autistic Teens and Adults

Healthy autistic boundaries

Healthy Autistic Boundaries. A Class for Autistic Teens and Adults

Together we will explore the following:
  • Ways that boundary considerations differ for autistic and non-autistic people.
  • How you identify your internal signals and find boundaries in various situations that are supportive for your relationships with yourself and others.
  • Possibilities for how to relate to autism and the social structures that affect our varied autistic experiences and other identities, and what kind of presence we want to have in the world.

The class will be a combination of lectures, activities/explorations, and discussions.

There will be multiple options for how you would like to participate or observe (and there is always a “something else” option if you want to do something different), so please come as yourself and you will be welcome here.

Curriculum, slides, video/audio recordings, transcripts, and Padlet conversations will all be available to participants for your continued exploration. There will be a WhatsApp class group.

Class Schedule:
March 5th – April 23rd 7:30-9:30 PM (Every Sunday for 8 weeks)
Price: Rs.5000/- (Scholarships available)
Online Mode: Zoom Meeting
10% of the profit will be contributed to Claypot Foundation to provide therapies for underprivileged children on the spectrum. 

Class 1: Introduction

Class 2: What is your Yes, No, Maybe, Something Else?

Class 3: Autistic Boundary Strengths

Class 4: Ethical Boundaries

Class 5: Sensory Boundaries

Class 6: Communication Boundaries and Values

Class 7: Masking, Approaches to Conflict, and Communication Across Difference

Class 8: Elements of Healthy Boundaries

Moriah Williams (pronouns: q/they/surprise me) is a holistic practitioner who works primarily with people who are autistic or who are exploring their neurodivergence. Moriah offers education and private sessions. Q has presented for the Alternatives Conference, Southwestern College, Indiana Disability Justice, Multicultural Efforts to End Sexual Assault, the National Empowerment Center, and others. Moriah lives in the southwestern U.S. Some of Moriah’s favourite special interests include trees, birds, poetry, goofy songs, asking questions, and exploring our embodied relationship to power, liberation, and joy.

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