Positive Psychology Center

The centre solely addresses the emotional and psychological health of adults and adolescents. The session will be tailored to the client's needs and the circumstances. We have therapists that have received training in several psychotherapy models that could be appropriate for your needs.

Career you’re passionate about is there for you

Whether your focus is on determining career direction, conducting a job search or improving work performance, you will have access to one of our expert career consultants and career tools.
When someone has an anxiety condition, their suffering is so extreme or extreme enough that they worry constantly, even when there is no obvious cause to worry. This leads to difficult-to-control anxious thoughts, fears, and beliefs that deteriorate with time, physical indications such panic episodes, shortness of breath, sweating, and fast heartbeat and withdrawal from the social situations to protect self.
Your body's natural response to stressful circumstances is anxiety. It is a sensation of dread or apprehension about what is ahead. But if it is persistent and affecting multiple areas of your life, then consider professional help.
Marriage and relationship
Anybody wishing to address relationship difficulties or improve their connection might benefit from relationship therapy, including friends, family members, and romantic partners. This includes couples counseling, family counseling, premarital and marriage counseling.
Stress is a typical response to regular demands, it can become harmful if it interferes with your daily activities. Stress causes abnormalities in almost all bodily systems, which have an impact on how people feel and act. Stress lowers quality of life by altering the mind-body connection, which directly contributes to psychological and physiological disorder and illness.
An addict engages in a behaviour where the rewarding benefits serve as a strong motivation to continue the habit despite negative outcomes. Addiction to anything—including substances, beverages, technology, etc.—is possible.
Life coaching
A life coach gives direction by helping clients to determine and accomplish both personal and professional objectives. This involves making business plans, researching ways to improve communication skills, achieving financial security and independence, aiming for work-life balance, starting a new business or growing an existing one.
Depression is a prevalent and significant medical condition that has an adverse effect on your feelings, thoughts, and actions . This includes persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest, which can impair your ability to perform at work, at home or even daily basic functions leads to number of mental and physical concerns.
Trauma and PTSD
A single occurrence or a string of upsetting or distressing emotional or psychological experiences, or both can trigger a severe emotional reaction known as trauma. This can also include the affects of generational, community or environmental influnces the person undergoes. Person may undergo trauma experience exhaustion, confusion, sadness, anxiety, agitation, numbness, dissociation, and physiological arousal.
A phobia is an irrational fear of something that’s unlikely to cause harm. This could be intense or even overpowering fear and anxiety towards certain situations or when you encounter certain objects.
Career counseling
It is a thorough developmental programme intended to help people choose and carry out well-informed educational and career paths. An individual's competencies in self-knowledge, educational and vocational exploration, and career planning are developed via a career guidance and counselling programme.