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Course Description:

REBT is a therapy which makes us aware of the emotional aspect and behavioural dimensions of a person. And make adjustments with behavioural modifications to make or maintain balance in an individual  life.  It’s an approach that helps you identify irrational beliefs and negative thought patterns that may lead to emotional or behavioral issues. Once you’ve identified these patterns, a therapist will help you develop strategies to replace them with more rational thought patterns.

The therapy helps people change irrational beliefs that may cause them to remain unhappy. REBT can help people with mental health disorders as well as those in recovery from addiction.

What are the key concepts of REBT?

Key to REBT thought is that the belief, not the activating event, causes the emotional consequence. Therefore, if a person has a number of irrational beliefs, then he or she is likely to experience much emotional pain throughout life as various challenges are encountered.

What is Rebt used to treat?

Rational emotive behaviour therapy has been used effectively in the treatment of: Depression, Suicidal thoughts, Low self-esteem. Recovery from sexual abuse. Panic attacks / panic disorder.

How do you use REBT?

Techniques include:

  1. Logical or rationalizing techniques.
  2. Guided imagery and visualization.
  3. Reframing.
  4. Using humor and irony.
  5. Exposing yourself to whatever you fear.
  6. Disputing irrational beliefs.

Few techniques we would focus during the session

What are the ABCs of REBT?

The “ABCs” of REBT are so called for two reasons. First, the letters are deemed to stand for something. While there are several versions of the “ABCs” in the literature, the most frequent version holds that “A” stands for “Activating event”, “B” for “Beliefs”; and “C” for “Consequences”. We will  hold understanding during the session

Why it is important to train in REBT

 REBT based trainings for children and teachers should be integrated into the classroom curriculum in order to prevent mental health problems and encourage positive social and emotional well-being. groups who underwent the training compared to the control group

Who is it for?

Psychology professionals, therapists, social workers, educators, who are eager to learn about therapies.

Students of psychology, education, and sociology.(above 18 yrs age)

Duration of the course: 2 days

Everyday 6:00 PM to 8PM

Dates:17 th and 18 of may

 (above 18 years of age)

Interested candidates are expected to:

Review the course description completely.

Fill in the Registration form.

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Review and follow the course calendar

Verify and ensure technical requirements are compatible with your computer

Interact online respectfully with the faculty or organizers or peer groups

Upskill yourself with this amazing course!

Duration of the course:

2 Days.

Everyday 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Certificate of completion: Yes! We recognize your efforts in learning and completing the course. You will finally be entitled to receive a certificate for your course completion

Course Fee:

Professionals, Therapists, social workers, Educationists: ₹ 1499  Only

Students: ₹ 999/- Only

Note: To Avail of discount Students need to submit a college id card.

Professionals can avail of group discount.

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2021-05-18 @ 18:00 (IST) to
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