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Healthy Autistic boundaries

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Rs 4000/- per level

As Autistic people, we might often get confused about who we are in the context of a world we do not understand. Constantly trying to fit in and be like everybody else, might have displaced our connection with our boundaries. Through this course, we hope to help you find that connection.

Who Is it For?

Autistic adults and teenagers

P.S: We welcome those who have self-diagnosed themselves and those who suspect they might be autistic.


  • 6 classes
  • 1.5 hours each
  • Every Sunday


Rs 4000/- per level

Mode of delivery

  • All classes will be conducted via zoom
  • Classes will include exploration and reflection through various in class activities as well as homework

What you can expect from us

  • Empathy
  • Confidentiality
  • Safe space
  • accessibility

What we expect from you

  • Review the course details and schedule
  • Fill in the Registration form.
  • Complete the Payment
  • Review and follow the course calendar
  • Verify and ensure technical requirements are compatible with your computer
  • Interact respectfully with faculty and peers


  • We are flexible and promise to make adaptations to support your access needs.
  • Complete course schedule and notes on what to expect will be shared before the course
  • Closed captioning and transcripts will be provided after each class
  • Each class will be recorded.
  • You can be in touch with the facilitator of the course and the TruHap team in case of difficulties.

Course Outline

Level one course – July 25th – Aug 29th

  • What are boundaries and what do they help with
  • What are your internal signals–yes, no, maybe, something else
  • Some autistic boundary strengths–ethics, bottom-up processing
  • Sensory boundaries–sight, sound, space, touch
  • Differences in boundaries about communication
  • Elements of healthy boundaries–compassion for yourself

Level two course – October-Nov

  • Soothing our stress response
  • Internal boundaries–having patience with what we are not ready to feel
  • Saying hello to our bodies
  • Healthy boundaries and oppression–staying safe, creating change (effort and risk charts)
  • Self-talk and self-regard
  • Saying yes, saying no–communicating boundaries

Level three course – Jan-Feb

  • Understanding other people’s boundaries
  • Boundaries in autistic community
  • Advocating for yourself in therapy
  • Boundaries about exposure anxiety
  • Boundaries about time
  • Boundaries about sleep

Level four course – April-May

  • What does anxiety tell us?
  • What does anger tell us?
  • What do meltdowns tell us?
  • Access intimacy
  • Respecting differences and intersections
  • Getting to know people and maintaining relationships
  • Honesty and authenticity

Our Presenter

Moriah Williams

Moriah Williams is a white queer autistic writer and somatic practitioner who lives in the southwestern United States. They have a special interest in the interplay between healing self and society and what this means in the context of neurodivergence and various marginalized and centered identities.

July 202125th Jul to 29th Aug
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, IST

Session Every SundayHealthy Autistic Boundaries

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Date And Time

2021-07-25 @ 18:00 (IST) to
2021-08-29 @ 08:00 (IST)

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