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Autism: A Starter’s Guide For Allies – Batch 4

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Course Description:

Autism is a neurological and developmental phenomenon characterized by atypical communication, social interaction, information processing, and neuromotor control.

Who is it for?

  1. Parents, family members, colleagues, and friends of autistic people
  2. Professionals working with autistic people: educators, therapists, social workers, etc.
  3. Students of psychology, education, and sociology.
  4. Autistic adults (above 18 years of age)

Interested candidates are expected to:

  1. Review the course description completely.
  2. Fill in the Registration form.
  3. Submit identity card copy to avail of discount
  4. Complete the Payment
  5. Review and follow the course calendar
  6. Verify and ensure technical requirements are compatible with your computer
  7. Interact online respectfully with the faculty or organizers or peer groups
  8. Upskill yourself with this amazing course!

Duration of the course:

10 Days.

Twice a week (Friday and Saturday) 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Certificate of completion: Yes! We recognize your efforts in learning and completing the course. You will finally be entitled to receive a certificate for your acquisition of great knowledge in Autism upon successful completion of the course and fulfilling its requirements.

Course Fee: Rs 5000/- Only

Early Bird Discount: 1st September 2021 – 6th September 2021

Professionals: ₹ 4000/- Only

Parents: ₹ 3000/- Only

Students: ₹ 1000/- Only

Autistic Adults: ₹ 500/- Only

Special Discount: 7th September 2021 – 12th September 2021

Professionals: ₹ 5000/- Only ( Group Discount available)

Parents: ₹ 4000/- Only

Students: ₹ 2000/- Only

Autistic Adults: ₹ 1000/- Only

No Discount Applicable: 13th September 2021 – 18th September 2021

Fee for all: ₹ 5000/- Only

Note: To Avail of discount Students need to submit a college id card, Parents need to submit their child’s assessment report, and Autistic Adults will be interviewed.

Professionals can avail of group discounts.

September 202118th Sep to 17th Oct
06:00 PM to 08:00 PM, IST

PAID ONLINE COURSEAutism: A Starter's Guide For Allies - Batch 4

Course Curriculum

Weekend 1
  Topic Subtopics Instructor
Introduction ∙ Introduction to course

∙ Agreements and rules

∙ Introduction to participants

Rakshita Shekhar
History of disability  movement ∙ Genetic model

∙ Medical model

∙ Disablement model

∙ Human rights and advocacy


∙ Self-advocacy movement

∙ UNCRPD social model

∙ AAIDD support model

∙ Quality of life model

Rakshita Shekhar
History of autism ∙ Kanner’s model

∙ Asperger’s model

∙ Wing’s spectrum

∙ Early causal theories

o Refrigerator mothers

o Vaccinations

o Under stimulation

Rakshita Shekhar
Popular explanation  models ∙ Weak central coherence

∙ Absent theory of mind

∙ Executive dysfunction

Rakshita Shekhar
Prevalence of


∙ Fombonne’s prevalence

∙ CDC prevalence

∙ Latest estimated prevalence

Rakshita Shekhar
Rise of the autism  advocacy


∙ Parent professionals

∙ Self-advocates

Rakshita Shekhar
Rise of the



∙ Definitions

∙ distinguishing characteristics

∙ related terms

Rakshita Shekhar

explanation for


∙ Genetics and Heredity

∙ In-utero environment

Rakshita Shekhar
Weekend 2

explanation for  autism

∙ Polyvagal theory

∙ Sensory perception theory ∙ Monotropism

∙ Bayesian theory

Rakshita Shekhar
Autism and co


∙ Common co-morbidities ∙ Fractionated triad and  Autism constellation Rakshita Shekhar


∙ History of diagnostic



∙ Critique of DSM V

∙ Diagnostic tools

∙ Critique of diagnostic tools ∙ Issues in diagnosis

∙ Identifying features

∙ Strengths of Autism

∙ Autism in popular media

Rakshita Shekhar
Social interaction  styles of Autistic  people ∙ Rise of internet and social  media

∙ Double empathy problem

Rakshita Shekhar
Weekend 3


∙ Sensory overload

∙ Stress

∙ Abuse

∙ Trauma

∙ Burnout

∙ Mental illnesses

Rakshita Shekhar
Autistic ways of  self-protection ∙ Masking/ camouflaging ∙ Social isolation

∙ Sensory isolation

∙ Stimming

∙ Deep Focus

∙ Burnout/shutdown

Rakshita Shekhar

Autistic people

Communication Emily Lees
Weekend 4
bridging the gap

between Autistics  and non-Autistics

∙ basic principles

∙ action points

∙ hierarchy of listening/ believing ∙ how to choose a therapist/

Rakshita Shekhar
Supporting Autistic  people Education Rakshita Shekhar
Interventions that  have limited results ∙ ABA

∙ Sensory Integration therapy ∙ Bleach/medications

∙ Dietary restrictions

Rakshita Shekhar
Supporting Autistic  people Mental health Astha Chaudhry
Weekend 5

Autistic people

Occupational therapy Sarah Selvaggi Hernaandez
Panel discussion Meet other Indian self


Abigail, anand balasubramaniam, achyutanal Guha, Tarun Verma

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Date And Time

2021-09-18 @ 18:00 (IST) to
2021-10-17 @ 20:00 (IST)

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