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13th August 2020by Truhap0

Is the use of cell phones affecting our health in an adverse manner? This is a question which has been asked for quite some time now. Yet a satisfactory answer has not been found. A new study now shows that energy from cell phones can affect brain activity. A cell phone, when held to the ear for an extended period of time, increases activity in parts of the brain close to the antenna. Glucose metabolism, the measurement of how the brain uses energy, increased in these areas when the phone was turned on and muted, compared to when it was off. It is therefore certain that the human brain is sensitive to the energy from cell phones. Yet more studies need to be done to get a clear understanding of its long term effects.

Can cell phones cause cancer?

Currently, there are no links to show that cell phone use causes brain cancer. Studies done to establish any relation have been inconsistent and inconclusive. It often takes many years to observe and find that a new cancer-causing agent has led to an increase in the number of cancer cases. It might therefore be prudent to say that more time is needed to see if cell phone use can really cause cancer. If you are worried about any possible link between cellphone and cancer try to limit the use of cellphones and use a speaker or hands-free device instead of placing the phone to your ear.

Are cell phones dangerous for children?

The microwave radiation given off by cell phones can cause more harm to children than adults. Children absorb more microwave radiation than adults as they are smaller than adults, their brain tissues are more absorbent and their skulls are thinner. The exposure to such radiation can also destroy the protective sheath that surrounds the brain neurons in foetuses. Pregnant women should therefore keep cellphones away from their abdomens. It is best to conclude that children should be taught to use cell phones responsibly and safely.

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