Be A Guide To Your Kids

13th August 2020by Truhap0

A guide can be a person who advises others, especially in matters of behaviour or belief. Every family has its own rules, boundaries and certain practices. So, all the children will need a guide to show them the proper way to live up to the expectation. Nobody else can be the right GUIDE than a parent to make the child understand the importance of rules and boundaries. At the same time, our expectations should be based on the age and IQ of the child.

Here are some valuable tips for you to become a good guide for your child:

  • Let your guidance be unvarying and very simple. They should not feel jaded of your guidance. Take care that it doesn’t appear as your unwanted interference in their matters.
  • Introduce rules and boundaries at an early age. When they are young it will be easy to make them follow us without any questions.  As it is said, ‘It is easier to bend a small plant than a big tree’.
  • Be clear to the child in your instructions. Say things in such a way so that there is no confusion in what should be done and whatnot.
  • Be available to your child at all times in all the situations. Give them faith that you have answers for all their queries.
  • Be a good listener to your kids’ explanations and doubts which make them run to you for solutions or suggestions.
  • Take time to converse with them regularly and review the family rules in an interesting way. If they contradict with you, explain the virtues of traditions.
  • Trust them and give chances now and then to prove their talents.  Give them the freedom to do in their own way. It gives them encouragement and self-confidence.
  • Instead of criticizing give suggestions. No one can be 100% successful in the initial stages. Give suggestions and time to achieve improvement. Remember “Failures are the stepping stones for success”.
  • When they do something wrong, make them understand that their actions are the reason for the annoyance, not the persons. Encourage them to change their actions which disturb the peace in the family.
  • Never go for petty senseless arguments which no way solve the issues but worsen the situation. Instead, leave it for a while and take it up later when everyone is cool.
  • Empathize when your child is frustrated or struggling. The concern makes him strong to overcome the situation. When the PARENT is their support, surely they get back their confidence.
  • Do not give ultimatums and orders instead explain the need to follow the rules. There are different ways of conveying things. Consider the age and strengths and weaknesses of a child before giving an ultimatum.

          Love your child and lead your child to a lovely future

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