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13th August 2020by Sakina Patrawala1
Brain vs Heart

So, let me start by asking you a simple question… what is mental health according to you? Does a person suffering from insomnia look mentally ill to you? Mental health is a vast subject. It’s a big tree with too many branches on it.

A person’s complete lifestyle and behavioural change depends on his/ her mental health. If you are stressed at work, it will obviously affect your personal life as well. The day you fight at home and go to office, you are bound to remove that frustration over a colleague or a customer. So, creating a mental balance is very important. And how would you do that? Include foods that boost your brain- nuts, fish, broccoli, celery, berries, etc

Apart from consuming a brain-boosting diet, I would also want you to do the following: 
* Spending more time with friends – reduces stress
* Engage in a brain- boosting activity daily (puzzles, memory games, Sudoku)
* Remove some time for a physical activity (walking, jogging, cycling, skipping, and swimming)
* Keep a check on your stress levels
* Enjoy a laugh with a dear one
* Identify and treat health problems as soon as possible
So, in the end, I would just say – the brain is the most active part of your body. For it to stay active, you must be active as well. Don’t let stress take over you, you take over the stress smoothly!

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